3 Top Spots in Columbus for Your Family Holiday Greeting Card Photo

Columbus, Ohio has lots of gorgeous spots to take your family holiday greeting card photo. Try out any of the three locations mentioned below for a breathtaking photo you'll be proud to mail to your friends and relatives.

Wildlights at Columbus Zoo

Visit the Columbus Zoo with your family this year between November 18th and January 3rd for a colorful photo op that provides the perfect backdrop for your family's holiday greeting card! The Wildlights at Columbus Zoo features over 3 million twinkling lights in festive colors. Admission starts at $8, with parking an additional $10.

Carriage Ride at Easton Town Center

Saddle up the kids and hop into a horse-drawn carriage at Easton Town Center in Columbus between November 18th and December 23rd. Your carriage driver comes complete with cape and top hat, reflecting the costume of the day. Have your driver pause in front of the dazzling display of lights at Easton Town Center long enough for a friend to take a photo for your family holiday Christmas card. Adult carriage rides are $10. Children 15 and under ride free.

Mr. Tree Farm

At Mr. Tree Farm, you and your family can pose against the picturesque plantation of living Christmas trees for your holiday greet card photo. When you're finished posing, choose from the hundreds of pre-cut trees or cut your own from the Mr. Tree Farm land. Prices vary depending on the height and species of tree you select.

When you venture outdoors in Columbus for your family holiday greeting card photo, you're sure to find picture perfect locales like these!

Kate Supino is a freelance travel writer from Columbus, Ohio. You can contact her through her online portfolio website at: portfolio.katesupino.com