3 Must Have Brownies in Seattle

Today is National Brownie Day to the delight of many chocoholics across the nation. In Seattle, those craving to join in on this national day of goodness have plenty of options to indulge. Here are three places to get you started.

Crumble & Flake Patisserie

Anyone who is serious about baked goods knows that Crumble & Flake is one of the spots in the city that consistently delivers. The bakery is small but the flavors are mighty. Their brownie is no exception. Not satisfied with serving up the standard brownie, Crumble & Flake offers the "Double Brownie" with plenty of fudge, topped off with baked chocolate mousse for good measure.

Macrina Bakery

Another Seattle pastry mainstay. In addition to the fabulous baked breads they sell out of their storefronts and to leading restaurants around town, Macrina is also sought after for its pastries and other sweet treats. Their brownie is a classic example; moist, with just the right amount of fudge, dusted with powdered sugar.

Bakery Nouveau

You can't go wrong ordering anything from the glass cases that hold Bakery Nouveau's handiwork. But since it is National Brownie Day, the natural choice would be the lovely, and dense, chocolate brownie. Heck, their brownie would make an excellent choice even without a special day urging us all to indulge.

Michael Nank is a Seattle-based writer with a penchant for film, theatre and travel.