5 Must-See Movies This Weekend in Seattle

Just like the snowfall that arrives this time of year, there is always a flurry of new movies opening up across the city's multiplexes. As box office receipts decline throughout the rest of the year, movie executives know that the holidays are a time when people actually make the effort to drive to a theater, unplug from their devices (in most cases) and sit (relatively) quietly while enjoying a big bag of popcorn and a flick.

Many of these films are also vying for the attention of Academy members in hopes they'll be taking home a coveted Oscar come February 26.

Here are a few movies that are gracing the silver screen this weekend in Seattle - some are Oscar-worthy, others are not.


This is the best of the bunch. In a perfect world, "Moonlight" should walk away with an Oscar or two. But as we've seen in the past, the Academy is always full of surprises. Stay tuned. "Moonlight" screens at various theaters including SIFF Cinema Uptown and AMC Southcenter 16.

Manchester By the Sea

There is definitely Oscar buzz around Casey Affleck's performance, although recent news about past allegations against Affleck may dampen the Academy's enthusiasm. You can catch "Manchester By the Sea" at SIFF Cinema Uptown as well as other movie theaters across the city.

Office Christmas Party

A lot of big names doing silly things on the big screen. As might be expected, there is no Oscar buzz for this holiday comedy. But that doesn't mean it won't be a success at the box office. Screens at just about every theater in the city, including AMC Pacific Place.


Raved by critics and moviegoers alike, "Arrival" is a good dose of sci-fi fun with a space pod, aliens and linguistic experts. Spoiler alert: the human race prevails. You can catch this one at Sundance Cinemas, or several other movie houses in the city.

Miss Sloane

Filled with politics, lobbyist and power-players, "Miss Sloane" has been getting mixed reviews. But the 134-minutes are said to fly by at a frenetic pace. Enjoy the action at AMC Loews Oak Tree 6 and various other movie screens across town.

Michael Nank is a Seattle-based writer with a penchant for film, theatre and travel.