New York City's Craziest, Most Over-the-Top Christmas Displays

New York City isn't known for being a shy, demure, reserved place. Instead, NYC has a well-deserved reputation for being brash, bold, even, some would say, a bit in-your-face.

There is no season that proves this point better than the holiday season. After all, is the Big Apple known for just any Christmas tree? No. The iconic tree at Rockefeller Center is absolutely humongous and arguably the most famous Christmas tree in the nation.

But New York isn't content with just one splashy seasonal spectacle. Here are 3 other over-the-top Christmas displays that do their best to grab (and hold) your attention:

Dyker Heights
Lucy Spata went a little crazy with her outdoor Christmas lights in Dyker Heights in 1980 and a tradition was born. Fast-forward 36 years, and you'll see oodles of tour buses going through her Brooklyn neighborhood, as well as the nearby blocks in Bayridge and Bensonhurst, to admire almost 250 houses and yards completely covered in lights and decorations. Estimates put the crowds at about 100,000 people each year who come to ooh and aah over 15 foot-tall Santas, dancing bears, and much, much more. Each home is unique and all together the scene is unforgettable.

Garabedian Family's Christmas House
After all seeing all the homes that participate in "Dyker Lights," you wouldn't think that a single family's decorations would be such a big deal. You would be wrong. The Garabedians have assembled about 200 animated figures in their Pelham Gardens yard, dressed them glamorously in elegant clothes (the family runs a fashion-related business) and added plenty of music. The result is a tableaux that fascinates and delights.

Santa's Corner in Queens
Kevin Lynch, a retired firefighter, spends about three months putting together his ginormous Christmas display each year. It is a labor of love that has brought him fame (he was the winner of ABC's "Great Christmas Light Fight" in 2013) and the adoration of children everywhere who are transfixed by the proliferation of lights, lawn figures, and toys outside of his Whitestone house.

Victoria Otto Franzese is a proud New Yorker who owned, operated, and wrote for a successful online travel guide for 15 years. Now, thankfully, all of her travel is purely for fun. See more of her favorite Christmas activities at @VOFranzese.