Craziest Christmas Displays in Metro Detroit

When you think about crazy holiday displays, you might imagine those families who got on YouTube or went viral when they put up tons of lights, added music or thought of creative ways to honor the holiday spirit.

This year, some of the best displays include that as well as a bit of the Grinch. Here are some displays that are worth seeing for both their beauty and their sense of humor in one case.

If you want a ton of lights
The Holiday House in Grosse Pointe: No one really knows who she is, and we all assume the creator is a female. But the house at the corner of Lakeshore Drive and Moross has got to be experienced in person to appreciate. There are so many lights that you probably can see it from space.

If you want something wicked
The "Ditto" Display in Westland: Hey, sometimes, there's no way you can keep up with the neighbors. A couple in Westland knew that the family next door would always have a nicer or prettier display than they did. So they gave up and made a sign saying "ditto" in lights. Classic curmudgeon.

If you like big displays
Campus Martius: Where else in Detroit or anywhere in Michigan for that matter can you find a giant Christmas tree, a huge Salvation Army basket and a menorah all in one spot? Campus Martius is home to a massive holiday display well worth seeing.

If you have kids
Wild Nights at the Detroit Zoo: Get ready and get your sunglasses. Some five million lights are illuminated at the Detroit Zoo. The lights cover trees. They lights cover buildings. And if that's not enough, there are 200 illuminated animal sculptures in the zoo.

If you want to stay in the car
The Big Bright Light Show in Rochester: This quaint downtown is worth visiting all year around. But it is particularly amazing at the holidays. Nearly every building downtown is covered in lights to the tune of one million bulbs brightening the skyline.

Karen Dybis is a longtime Metro Detroit freelance writer. She is an author of two Detroit history books, reporter for a variety of area blogs, newspapers and magazines.