2017 Travel Bucket List for Gilmore Girls Fans

The new revival of the beloved WB dramedy Gilmore Girls sparked some serious love from fans new and old. Over 16 years after the original show aired in 2000, it's not surprising that the fandom was bursting with excitement at the chance to hang out with all their favorite characters again.

Rory, Lorelai, Emily, and all of the Stars Hollow townies came back to life after Thanksgiving 2016 in a four-part series entitled Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Whether you watched the original series from day one or fell in love with its witty references recently, you can relive all the pop culture goodness by visiting the most inspired locations from the show.

In order to truly live a year in the life of a Gilmore girl, start by waking up your bestie and declaring you're going on a road trip. Then, find a paper roadmap and crunch it down tightly, ruining all the folds. Once you've grabbed some coffee and driven past all the red stoplights in town, play some cheesy tunes and only stop for spontaneous fun.

These are the must-see locations to make 2017 a real-life Year in the Life.

1. Warner Bros. Studio Tour, Burbank, CA

Christian Joudrey / Unsplash

This is where the magic happens. With almost every scene filmed in a studio or on the backlot at Warner Bros. Studios, you'll be walking the same footsteps as the show's creator Amy Sherman-Palladino. Breathe in the crisp California air and try to forget the Hollywood hills behind you. This is a taste of the "real" Stars Hollow the cast and crew created on set every day. Roll sound! Roll camera! Action!

2. Greystone Mansion, Beverly Hills, CA


Also located in California, hidden by the palm tree-lined streets lies this breathtaking inspiration for the fictional private school of Rory's younger days, Chilton. Don't forget to crane your neck to gawk at the gargoyles when you arrive. You don't need much pretending when you stroll the grounds. This marvelous mansion is an impressive estate to visit. Bonus points if you dress in cutoffs and cowboy boots!

3. Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Harvard University gatesFlickr

Ah, The Road Trip to Harvard. Welcome to the other coast. There are plenty of Gilmore Girls quips to whip out for your own enjoyment like sneaking into a class to discuss relativity and taking collegiate photos in Suzie's dorm room. Remember to squeeze in a conversation about existentialism and tie your shirt around your waist like it's 2001 and you just don't care. At your most giddy, be sure to exclaim, "I can't wait to go to college!"

4. Yale University, New Haven, CT

Yale UniversityFlickr

Copperboom! Find your study tree and pay $20 for it if you have to! This is college and you're gonna have to go with the flow now. Don't wear maroon, mention the grungy old mattresses, or bring up the fact that your grandmother furnished your entire living room. Other than that, the campus is yours to roam! Sniff the books at the library, stop by every coffee cart, and try to find at least one mischevious secret society member lurking around the grounds. Don't worry if you and your bestie part ways here. Just tell her, "You've given me everything I need," and then howl to the moon with a final slumber party.

5. Town Square, Washington Depot, CT

The Hickory Stick Bookshop, Washington Depot, CTFlickr

According to Amy Sherman-Palladino herself, this is where it all began. After a brief stint here with her husband, Dan Palladino, ideas started swirling in her head. It wasn't until she sold her pitch to the WB that the story became fleshed out into the delightful intergenerational saga it is today. While spending time in Washington Depot, you'll find a local bookstore, town hall, small grocery, white church, and a perfect town square with a gazebo front and center. Voila! You're standing in the middle of what inspired Stars Hollow, the idyllic New England town that belongs in a snow globe.

Bonus: Conde Nast Offices, New York, NY

One World Trade CenterFlickr

When you finally make it to the concrete jungle and up to the 22nd floor, find an open office door and stare longingly through it. You've reached the end of your long Gilmore journey. Even though your life and career aren't what you imagined, you're creating your own path and can confidently cut old ties for something better.

Congratulations! You've been Gilmored.

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