The Mill and Mine has Revitalized Knoxville's Music Scene

If you're a concertgoer that lives in Knoxville like me, you've had this thought before: "Oh man I really want to see (insert a band you really like here) but they're in Nashville or they're in Atlanta, and it's a weeknight, I can't make that drive ... bummer I guess I'll go back to sitting at home by myself knitting a scarf while eating peanut butter straight out of the jar (it's a very specific thought)."

But AC Entertainment's The Mill and Mine at 227 W Depot Ave. has changed that since it opened in June. Now there's less scarfs and more peanut butter in Knoxville, but the music scene is at a new level.

It's not only that the Mill and Mine is attracting artists that have never been to Knoxville before, it's also the volume of quality shows on a consistent basis that is turning heads. The Scruffy City has never been so #blessed when it comes to having concerts to go to. There were good places in Knoxville to see shows before The Mill and Mine. I've been to great shows at the Bijou, the Tennessee Theatre and the Square Room. But I've wanted to see about 75 percent of the shows the Mill and Mine has put on with the only thing holding me back is the lack of money in my wallet.

I'll elaborate on my point by looking at five shows the Mill and Mine has either had or has coming up and using Songkick to show how long it's been since these artists have been to Knoxville. Sidenote: You can track every show a band has played using Songkick. I didn't realize that was a thing before now.

Grouplove on Jan. 30, 2017: "Welcome to your life" and welcome back to Knoxville, Grouplove. Hannah Hooper, Christian Zucconi and Co. last played in Knoxville at the Bijou in 2012 and that was their only time in town. We've got a little bit longer until they're back but we don't have a ways to go.

Jimmy Eat World on March 6, 2017: The veteran rockers from Arizona made their only appearance in Knoxville all the way back in 2007 at the Bijou. According to their set list the hit "The Middle" was the first song played for the Encore (C'mon Jimmy Eat World, like anyone believed you were going to end the show without playing "The Middle"). We are sure and certain to hear that song in March, along with their new material.

Local Natives on March 27, 2017: Local Natives may be local to somewhere, but it's not to Knoxville. The band's only time here was at the Bijou in 2014. I saw these guys in Atlanta and it was an amazing show. It looks like The Mill and Mine decided to listen to these kids.

Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats on April 19, 2017: I need a drink, you're telling me that NRATNS has never been to Knoxville. Yes, it's true, which probably explains why tickets sold out in record pace for the venue.

Past show - M83 on Oct. 11, 2016: M83 brought "Midnight City" to this city for a show in October. They had never played in Knoxville before. Other examples of bands to make their Knoxville debut at the Mill and Mine are Phantogram and HAIM.

To recap, that's five major shows in about a six-month span where the artists were last in Knoxville in 2012, 2007, 2014, never and ... never. Keep grinding out great shows The Mill and Mine, and Knoxville will be there.

- Matthew Lutey has made at least 20 trips by himself to different cities for concerts and is thankful he won't have to do that as much anymore