Get Naked at These 5 Florida Beaches and Resorts

Welcome to Florida.

As you may have known by now, we have a ton to offer the tourist. From the incoming president's winter home to the omnipresent collection of theme park workers in character suits, Florida is filled with things to see that you won't witness in any other state in the union.

Something else that you probably won't witness outside of the Sunshine State are nude beaches and resorts, and if you're looking for a place to bare it all this year, here are five places where "clothing optional" carries weight in Florida.

Yelp/Cypress Cove Resort & Spa

Cypress Cove Resort & Spa - Kissimmee

Kissimmee is considered the little brother of Orlando, with much of its tourism trade tied directly to the fortunes of Orlando's world-famous attractions. But there is one attraction that Kissimmee has that Orlando can't claim, and it's Cypress Cove Resort & Spa.

In actuality, this resort, situated near the master-planned community of Poinciana, is pretty difficult to find; but once you stumble upon this resort, you will be treated to a nudist paradise hidden in the backwoods of Osceola County.

Who knew that Kissimmee could be this cool?

Apollo Beach - New Smyrna Beach

The beaches of Volusia County are some of America's most famous (in local's minds). This is the strip of coastline where you can drive your tricked-out car or truck onto the rough sands, and also a place where you can strip down and enjoy the Atlantic Ocean in the comfort of nudity.

The beach to do it is Apollo Beach, located in New Smyrna Beach. This clothing-optional destination is a hidden gem on Florida's East Coast, and, if you can avoid the sharks, you will be able to enjoy the sand and surf in your natural state, with no cop of politically correct person able to stop you.

Rooftop Resort - Hollywood

This resort is one of the main reasons why Florida's Hollywood is much cooler than the more-famed California version.

The Rooftop Resort bills itself as "South Florida's premier Nudist Destination," and once you see the place for yourself, it will be easy to see why. From the rooftop cabanas that will let you suntan in the hot and steamy South Florida sun to the pool where all the "action" goes down, if you really want to get your party on in the nude in sultry South Florida, the Rooftop Resort will cater to all of your nudist needs.

Yelp/Rooftop Resort

Paradise Lakes - Land O' Lakes

Here's something that you may not have known: Land O' Lakes, in ultra-conservative Pasco County, is home to some of Florida's best nudist resorts.

Chief among them is Paradise Lakes, a 72-acre nudist paradise where you can be "free to be yourself," as the resort motto tells you. You will find plenty of people (usually winter snowbirds) that won't mind being themselves while all of their you-know-whats are on full display for everyone to see.

Whether you're in shape, out of shape, stunning or just plain average, everyone can enjoy themselves in the nude at Paradise Lakes while sipping on a fruity tropical drink.

See, even Donald Trump-lovers love to be in nude.

Haulover Beach - Sunny Isles

Our final stop on our nude excursion across the Sunshine State takes us to Florida's most popular nude beach.

Naturally, this beach has to sit on the golden strip of land known as Miami Beach (the northern part), as Haulover Beach is one of quite a few clothing-optional beaches that dot Miami-Dade County's coastline.

This is the beach to see beautiful women and men bare it all for those who are anxious to look, and don't be scared, strip out of your restrictive cloth and join in on the lovely scenery that is laid out in front of you.

Haulover Beach is a South Florida treasure, and it only takes one visit to see why.

Kareem Gantt is a journalist based in the Sunshine State. If you want to know what's on his eccentric mind 24/7, follow him on Twitter.