Experience Iceland's Puffin Festival

What could be more cute, cuddly and crispy all in one place? Iceland's Puffin Festival, Thjodhatid. For real, for real! What used to be the land of Bjork—also known as Iceland—is now becoming a super cool travel spot. Birders beware, because this crowd of Puffin party people know how to get down.

To start, you have to travel to Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland. In English, this area is called the the Westman Islands. The festival take place during the last weekend of August. The first leg of the trip requires you fly into Reyjavik's' airport. To start noodling for the best deal start on the Icelandair website. Once you have arrived in Iceland, you need to book a quick flight to the Westman Islands via Eagle Air Iceland.

The best way to get familiar with the lay of the land is to check out the city's website. And be sure to have a native speaker or translator handy. The live webcam is awesome. WOW is that a ton of snow. The nice thing about hanging with the peeps and puffins is that it takes place in August.

Sey?isfj?r?ur, IcelandHorst Gerlach

The four day festival itself is free and is held on the weekend prior to the first Monday in August. It is a camping festival, but never fear there are other options indoors. The best hotel is called Hotel Eyjar. It offers a variety of rooms from single rooms to apartments sleeping up to three. To get your head around the beautiful rooms and check summer pricing, click here. It is said up to 20,000 people attend the festival so best to book early.

The crispy puffin cost about $12 or 1,500 krona depending upon your calculations. The preparation of the crisp puff is not for the light at heart. Sheep dung is a popular ingredient. The festival is said to be over 140 years old and involves a lot partying, drinking and dancing.

The Audubon Society refers to it as the "Burning Man of Birding". To read more about the actual festival, click here.

In addition to the festival, birders can check out the Northern Lights, absorb the culture and of course, find Bjork. Reykjavik's famed Iceland Airwaves fest attracts music industry VIPs as well tons of hipsters and is considered one of the country's most popular festivals.

Stasia DeMarco is a Philadelphia native. She is a freelance journalist and cultural critic.