Most Extreme Winter Adventures in Philadelphia

If you are looking to have an extreme winter weather experience in Philadelphia, sometimes you need to be a little bold and creative. While there are no mountains, luge runs, or dog sledding events, there are events both indoors and outdoors that involve winter and your extremities.

Cupid's Undie Run
For those crazy peeps who love a good polar plunge, how about an Undie Run outside in the freezing cold after Valentine's Day? Nothing like stripping down to your skivvies for a good cause. Cupid's Undie Run raises funds for the Children's Tumor Foundation and is about a mile long affair. The party lasts much longer than the run. So exposure to the elements is limited. People gather in groups or do the run solo. The event is February 18th. To reserve a spot for you and your undies, checkout the website.

Ben Franklin Institute
Staying inside can still be an extremely exhilarating time during the winter months. The Ben Franklin Institute currently has a super cool exhibit taking mean beasties to the next level based on the film - Jurassic World. It's Isla Nubar all over again except this time you control your destiny. Come face to face with a Tyrannosaurus Rex and see if you make it out with your wits and body all in one piece. There is a mobile tablet tour to aid in your auditory and visual pleasure plus a special photo-op with faux movie characters in the gift shop. There are evening tickets which make it all the spookier. Reservations are required and can be made, here.

Eastern State Penitentiary
Prison cell of Al Capone at Eastern State PenitentiaryGetty Images

Have you ever gone to prison of your own free will? I mean if you have nothing to hide, why not? Right?! Eastern State Penitentiary (ESP), once one of the most famous prisons in the world, is a museum of sorts. The ancient prison looks the same inside today as it did a 100 years ago. And you can still go inside Al Capone's tiny cell. ESP has just launched an extensive exhibit looking at the mass incarceration rate and is touted to be the most criminally comprehensive exhibit around. Be sure to wear hats, gloves and a face mask because extreme winter conditions exist inside this enormous stone structure. For more information, check out the website.

Mutter Museum
While really cold temps can make many people want to hide inside, why not be grossed out and scared of life while you're hiding from old man winter. The Mutter Museum is NOT for those who skeeve easily. It's an old school medical museum with bodies, brains and seriously deformed bodies encased in fluid for all the world to see. From skulls to tools, this museum is a wild ride through the world of medicine and will make you appreciate just how far we have come in the 21st Century. Unless of course, you miss having your brain worked on via your nasal passages, yuck. Before you go, check the website so you know what you want to see and what you may not be able to handle seeing, here.

Stasia DeMarco is a freelance journalist and culture critic based in Philadelphia.