These desserts in Chicago will satiate any sweet tooth

Whether you are desperate to quell that voracious sweet tooth or you just want to impress your sweetheart, here are some decadent and mind-numbingly amazing desserts in Chicago that you just have to add to your bucket list. Let's follow writer Ernestine Ulmer's sage advice: "Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first."

Churros from Xoco – River North
Does the name Rick Bayless ring a bell? This famous chef is known for his take on Mexican cuisines and Xoco is his delicious Chicago brainchild. Located near the Magnificent Mile, Xoco offers a full delectable menu, but we know you're only here for the dessert. Grab a classic cinnamon, cocoa and raw sugar-rubbed churro and let it take a dive into their rich, velvety chocolate sauce (go ahead; lick your fingers. We won't judge). With Xoco open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday and until 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday, you can enjoy churros as a prelude to your morning or as a sweet nightcap to an otherwise very long day.

Classic Sundaes at Margie's Candies – Logan Square
This Chicago institution is one that shouldn't be missed by locals or tourists alike. After all, if Al Capone and the Rolling Stones loved Margie's Candies who are we to say no? With three generous scoops of ice cream swimming in luscious hot fudge and dolloped with whipped cream that's been kissed with nuts you'll enjoy a sundae the right way. From an old fashioned banana split to Margie's famous raspberry fudge sundae, harken back to simpler times with these nostalgic and delicious treats.

Boozy Milkshakes from Public House - River North
When you head to this downtown Chicago gastropub you could go for their fudge cake or gelato but you'd be making a big mistake. After all, where else can you get a milkshake that perfectly melds rich, creamy porters and stouts with buttery ice cream topped with—that's right—a slice of cake? This certainly isn't the milkshake you had growing up. You'll make your taste buds smile. You'll leave Public House a little tipsy and certainly much happier.

Deep Fried Oreos at Lowcountry - Lakeview
From fried butter to fried beer, it seems that Americans will deep fry just about anything. Lowcountry, a Lakeview haunt, follows suit by covering milk's favorite cookie with Rice Krispies and deep-frying to delicious, crispy goodness. Yea, the concept might sound a bit unorthodox at first but just one bite will have you singing a different tune.

Mille Feuille in Au Cheval - West Loop
You may also know this classic French pastry as a "Napoleon". Of course, we don't care what you call it as long as this flaky, mouthwatering dessert is the next thing you order when you visit Au Cheval, an upscale West Loop French-American diner. This six-inch tower of lush pastry cream sandwiched between buttery, melt-in-your mouth puff pastry and drizzled with chocolate will immediately transport you to the City of Love.

Maple Bacon Donuts at Do-Rite Donuts- Fulton Market
They say the early bird catches the worm, but in this case the early bird might just catch the most savory donut to start their morning right (between donuts and worms there really is no contest, amiright?). Do-Rite Donuts opens at 6 a.m. for all you lucky morning people who don't need to pound coffee just to wake up. Instead you'll be rewarded with the breakfast of champions: a maple bacon donut. Do-Rite also boasts a generous variety of gluten-free and vegan donuts, so that everyone's morning is just that much sweeter.

Stephanie was born with a sweet tooth that requires a generous offering every day in order to tame the beast. She believes brunch should always have a side of pancakes, that dessert should be a food group, and that cake for breakfast is completely acceptable.