Where to eat when you're drunk in Seattle

A night of drinking is often followed by a series case of the munchies. If your escapades are taking place in Seattle, you've got fantastic food options for soaking up the booze before you call it a night. From greasy spoons to reliable late-night haunts, here are are five of the best places in Seattle to stave off your hangover.

Katsu Burger
The obscenely large burgers at Katsu Burger more than hold their own as the ideal drunk food. The Japanese-inspired creations consist of ingredients like bacon, tonkatsu sauce, wasabi mayo and fried eggs, and you'll have to unhinge your jaw to take a bite. Oh, and the katsu-style patties are deep-fried need we say more?

Dick's Drive-In
Cheap, greasy, and open late, Dick's Drive-In is a staple of late-night eating in Seattle, drunk or not. It's also helpful that the menu is short, so you can avoid having to make any tough decisions while wasted. Pros grab a cheeseburger with fries and a chocolate shake or root beer float to boot.

Sizzle Pie
Imported from our neighbors in Portland, Oregon, Sizzle Pie's pizza by the slice is ideal if your drunken state doesn't preclude you from having good taste. Available by the slice, these pies are topped with thoughtful combinations yet served in a no-frills, no b.s. manner. Even better, there are great vegan and vegetarian options, plus beer on draft if you're not quite ready to end your night just yet.

Tortas Condesa
The walk-up window of Tortas Condesa is conveniently situated next to a whole bunch of bars and is open til 2 a.m. Carb load with these Mexican-style sandwiches, mercifully loaded with just the stuff you're craving: chorizo, pulled pork and braised beef mole.

Glo's Cafe
The fine folks at Glo's Cafe have read your mind. This thimble-sized diner opens at midnight and slings massive plates piled high with classics like eggs benedicts, omeletes, French toast and more, plus a never-ending supply of coffee to help you sober up before heading home.

Megan Hill is a Seattle-based freelance writer focusing on topics of food and travel. She promises she was not drunk when she wrote this.