5 weird beers you can try in Denver

Colorado, especially Denver, is littered with microbreweries vying for the best brew. For those lucky enough to be of drinking age, the Mile High City is a towering beacon for the beer-obsessed traveler. Whether you are an IPA feign or a stout connoisseur, Denver and its surrounding areas will please any and all beer snobs. However, with a brewery seemingly on every corner, competition is steep. So to stand out, the brews get weird, freaky and unique. It usually takes a few beers to get freaky, but these five weird beers are kinky from the start.

Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout
Traveling to Denver for the first time? "Try the Rocky Mountain oysters," says any local with an evil grin on their face. You won't see many Denverites telling you what's really a Rocky Mountain oyster for the sake of comedy. Cough, cough it's bull testicles. And yes, these "oysters" can be found in some Denver restaurants. Don't have the balls for the real deal? Try Wynkoop Brewery's stout made with 25 pounds of bull testicles, sliced and roasted to perfection. Now that's a ballsy brew.

General Washington's Secret Stash
Now Denver's name of the Mile High City isn't just about the city's mile high elevation. Locals and tourists alike flock to Colorado to partake in a puff of the nation's best weed. It was only a matter of time before marijuana and craft beer collided in an epic way. Dude's Brews created a cannabis-infused beer called General Washington's Secret Stash. Now hold up stoner, this beer won't get you high. The THC, marijuana's chemical compound that gets you baked, is stripped from the plant before brewing. Dude's Brews, located in Aurora, also makes an Indica IPA and Sativa IPA.

Green Tea Chocolate Milk Stout
Need to relax while also getting completely wasted? Then a beer brewed with green tea just might be the drink for your complicated life. Every hipster on the planet will rejoice to hear that Matcha green tea is added to Fiction Beer Company's Green Tea Chocolate Milk Stout.

Cocoa Molé Spiced Chocolate Porter
Feel a fiesta in your mouth with the Cocoa Molé Spiced Chocolate Porter from New Belgium Brewing Company. You can't help but yell "Olé" for this molé-inspired brew. Hints of chocolate and cinnamon hit the mouth at first, while the heat from the ancho and chipotle chiles knock you down like a loser in a Mexican stand-off. Just one sip will make you think you are south of the border, without the need for expensive airfare or your embarrassingly bad knowledge of Spanish.

Instead of pairing your cereal with milk, why not pair it with beer? The Cerealiously line of beers from Black Bottle Brewery dishes out a dose of nostalgia by brewing beers with your favorite cereals. Black Bottle brews these seasonal cereal beers almost every year as a small-batch. Beers previously made with cereal included the breakfast favorites of Golden Grahams and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. However, the one beer that made headlines was the Count Chocula brew, something you will "vant" to try for yourself.

Madison is a hiking-obsessed writer and beer snob living near Denver, Colorado. Follow her Instagram at madidragna.