We ranked the 7 sassiest beers in Seattle

Seattle has long been known for producing beers with names that make you think twice. Brewers in this town aren't afraid to make a comment when they name the latest batch - be it about the drinker, the city, or the current political climate. We've rounded up a collection of some of the sassiest beers you can find in Seattle right now.

7. Artsy Pale Ale by Mollusk Brewing

Every brewery thinks their pale ale is a work of art, but Mollusk Brewing calls it straight up.

6. Overhang Imperial Porter by Two Beers Brewing

You might think this beer is named after some mountaineering term, but at 12.9% ABV, it's more likely Two Beers Brewing had to come up with an alternative name to "the Hangover beer."

5. Blimey That's Bitter Triple IPA by Reuben's Brews

Calling it like it is, this is the only beer on the list whose name you're likely to say after your first sip.

4. Profanity Hill Porter by Schooner Exact Brewing

We love a good historically relevant beer name, and Schooner Exact hits the nail on the head. This beer is named after the amount of swearing former Seattleites used to have to do before the city leveled most of the hills.

3. Kilt Lifter Scottish Ale by Pike Brewing

Thankfully, most Seattleites don't wear kilts. If they did, this would be the drink to make them lift 'em up.

2. Beer Snob Brown by Populuxe Brewing

If you order this beer and aren't being a little ironic, you've completely missed the point.

1. Alternative Facts IPA by Cloudburst Brewing

From the brewer who brought you Loser Pale Ale ("Corporate Beer Sucks!") at Elysian Brewing comes a whole slew of sassy beers at Cloudburst Brewing. Also on their in-production list? Dumpster Fire Smoked Stout and Shame Spiral Double IPA. They also win for sassiest brewery overall, and we're glad to have a new craft brewery to support

Valerie Stimac is a Seattle-based travel writer. You can find her work on Travel + Leisure, AFAR, and Roads & Kingdoms, as well as her blog, Valerie & Valise.