4 San Diego date ideas that will mask your awful personality

Let's face it. You're rude, you're selfish, you've thrice been categorized as a stage five-clinger, but you still want your date to fall in love with you anyways. It's not really your fault that people these days can't understand the confidence, humility and openness it takes to send an unsolicited nude, but at this point, beggars can't be choosers.

Somehow, you've managed to land a date this Valentine's Day and you're hoping this one isn't skittish. According to your mother, a successful date just might lead to the miracle that she's been praying for (that will conveniently get you out of her basement). Your mother and you both are hoping that once your date gets to know you, your date will see that all of these so-called flaws are really just interesting quirks.

Here are four dates to go on in San Diego that will help your date forget that you're a terrible human being who should really be locked inside a cage for the good of all humanity.

Hot air balloon ride over the city
Silhouette of people in balloon on sunrisedanm via Getty Images

Isn't it so annoying that every time you tell a date your inspiring two-hour long life story, they always flee abruptly during the climax? From the comforts of a hot air balloon basket, you'll have their full and undivided attention. All those times your date said, "I'd rather die than continue listening to you." Well, now's the chance to see if they stick to their word.

The literal lift into the sky will pair perfectly with the stories about all those times everyone was against you — like the time Melissa from elementary school branded you as a narcissist for no reason, that nitwit.

For the best views, take an air balloon ride in Del Mar for aerial shots of the sea or Temecula to spot sprawling vineyards. A few companies to contact are Sky's The Limit, California Dreamin' and Compass Balloons.

Show off how cultured you are at Balboa Park
View of the ornate California Tower from the Alcazar Gardens with fountain in foreground in Balboa Park in San DiegoGetty Images

Michelangelo? Slob. Andy Warhol? Low energy. Georgia O'Keeffe? Creepy. You have a high art sense and are a master of interpretation. What better way to show off your skills than at the museums of Balboa Park? All throughout February, National Museum Month, admission is free into the galleries of Balboa Park. Your date will be impressed by your exquisite insight into the fine arts.

If this date turns out to be a hit, you can offer to go home and show off your paint-by-numbers collection.

Wine and dine on a cruise around the harbor
San Diego lightsIoana Drutu via Getty Images

Picture you and your date under the stars, sailing around the stunning San Diego Harbor. You look into each other's eyes and cruise the night away. You talk about future children's names and dreams over the salad (no dressing, too many calories) that you've ordered for your date and sneak kisses in between sips of red wine. All throughout Valentine's Day week, you can take romantic themed cruises with multiple companies like Flagship Cruises and Hornblower Cruises.

Sunset walk at the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve is a park hosting the Torrey Pine, one of the rarest trees in the world. The park has trails leading to some of San Diego's best viewpoints and even has staircases that lead down to the beach, where you can draw each other's initials in the sand. As an extra bonus, the reserve is often filled with other San Diegans who love to exercise their slammin' bodies. You can easily gawk and objectify the fresh meat from behind your sunglasses without your date even noticing.

Chantae Reden is a journalist who has been on precisely twelve too many bad dates in San Diego. You can find more of her writing on her blog, Chantae.com.