8 places to Instagram in D.C. that aren't monuments

Everyone knows the most important part of traveling is making sure people know you went somewhere. And the best way to do that is Instagram, so you can count how many people appreciate your worldliness.

When coming to D.C., you could snap pics in front of the monuments, OR you can go off the beaten path and prove you're not just any old tourist.

1. Renwick Gallery

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Not all D.C. art is old and stodgy. This gallery is the perfect stop for any artsy photog. The constantly changing contemporary installations feature brilliant plays on space, color and dimensions.

2. Ben's Chili Bowl

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This iconic diner on U Street is a delicious spot on the list. Though you'll find other Ben's around the city, this diner is the OG (and an establishment for almost 60 years). Grab a bowl of chili or sample a famous hotdog while snapping a pic.

3. Colorful Row Houses

D.C. neighborhoods are like snowflakes, each has its own culture and personality. But for a premiere 'gram, head to Swann Street NW between 15th and 16th Street (U Street/Logan Circle). These homes are brightly colored and decorated with beautiful topiary.

4. Meridian Hill Park's Cascading Fountains

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This park on 16th Street transports you from the political scene of DC to a quiet escape. Grab a pic of the fountain for a storybook photo and gorgeous glimpse of greenery in the big city.

5. Madams Organ

Madams Organ is a Blues Bar on 18th St in Adams Morgan (see what they did with the name?) D.C. It's a local landmark and features a sassy burlesque mural of "The Madam" on the side that will be a welcome addition to your profile.

6. DuPont Circle Fountain

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Ah, the D.C. traffic circles. Infuriating to navigate, inspirational to photograph. This fountain honors Rear Admiral Samuel Francis Du Pont and will get you lots of likes. To be extra artsy, snap a pic at night when it's lit.

7. Exorcist Stairway

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You might recognize this flight of stairs from the 1973 horror film The Exorcist. Located in Georgetown, this flight of steps was the reason for Father Karras' untimely death in the movie. But in your Instagram feed, it will be the reason for lots of likes and comments, especially if you pose like you're possessed or falling.

8. Metro Station

Nothing sounds less glamorous than the D.C. mass transit system, but grabbing a picture from the steep escalators or of the concrete tunnels is so metropolitan and beautifully monochromatic. Plus, there's nothing better to do while waiting on the trains.

D.C. is much more than monuments and museums. Keep your camera at the ready so you can capture the true city.

Kirsten Ballard has lived in D.C. for the past two years, she works at a newspaper association and spends her weekends running and eating her way through the city.