10 Denver spots for the biking-obsessed hipster

Denver is known as one of the most bike-friendly cities in the nation. Therefore there is no surprise why flocks of hipsters descend on this biking mecca. This city is full of bike lanes and bike-themed establishments, perfect for your rented BCycle and your hipster mustache. No matter if you need your bike fixed or need a beer fix, these 10 Denver spots are perfect for a skinny jean-wearing, flannel-sporting, Polaroid-holding hipster.

Denver Bicycle Cafe
Denver Bicycle Cafe has everything a hipster needs: a local beer, an almond-milk latte and someone to fix your fixie while you get drunk. No hipster will scoff at this ever-changing beer list, all from a tap of course. Even the coffee beans come from local roasters. Get a beer, a coffee brew or just a free tire pump at this hipster cycling haven.

Cherry Creek Trail
Now Cherry Creek Trail might be a hipster yawn at first. However once you get passed the soccer moms running with strollers and tourists who are a step away from getting run over by your road bike, this trail is a Denver gem. Take this 42-mile paved trail through downtown Denver to access different parts of the city without having to deal with Denver's dreaded traffic. The natural areas along the trail make for a great Instagram picture too. I mean if it's not on Instagram, did you even bike it?

Denver Beer Co.
Can a hipster even be a hipster without liking craft beer? That is one of those age-old questions that will puzzle philosophers for decades to come. Denver Beer Co. caters to cyclists by not only offering local brews but also having plentiful bike parking and being located close to the Cherry Creek Trail. Take your hoppy IPA to the Denver Beer Co.'s large patio area, where you can snap a great Polaroid of your buddy's beard blowing in the Denver breeze.

Velosoul Cyclery
Velosoul Cyclery, located near Washington Park (number 10), isn't just a uniquely named bike shop admired by hipster Denverites. This bike shop has won awards for being the best bike shop in the Denver area over the past few years. It also doesn't hurt that Velosoul is located right next to a bar, Pub on Pearl, so you can enjoy a milk stout while an expert tunes up your ride.

Bicycle Village
Cruise down the Cherry Creek Trail all the way to Aurora to find the Bicycle Village. For the hipsters that are too cool for money, Bicycle Village is a great shop to find a bike on a budget. This bike shop is known for having massive tent sales, offering lots of bikes at hipster-friendly prices. No matter if you are looking for something "rando" or just "adorbs," Bicycle Village's 1,400 collection of built bikes will ensure that you ride out looking "legit."

Slohi Coffee + Bike Co
Grab a vegan (or gluten free) pastry to pair with your locally-roasted coffee while waiting for a bike tune-up at Slohi. This Denver coffee-shop-meets-bike-shop keeps cycling hipsters happy, no matter if you are coffee crazed or would rather prefer kombucha on tap.

Wheat Ridge Cyclery
Wheat Ridge Cyclery "totes" has one of the biggest bicycle showrooms in the Denver area. Sure, this bike shop can fix any bike issue or be the go-to place for your new ride. But the shop wouldn't be worth a hipster's time unless it was around some very hipster-friendly establishments. After grabbing what you need from this bike shop, don't forget to stop for some organic kale from Four Seasons Farmers and Artisans Market or refuel at Colorado Plus Brew Pub with a pint of a wood-aged sour stout.

Pizza Pedal'r
Hipsters love a good 'za, especially one that can be made gluten free, please. The Pizza Pedal'r, this bicycle-themed pizza place in Denver, offers full pies or just a slice for the lonely hipster on the go. Some of the toppings are obscure; you've probably never heard of it but there's a pizza topped with Thai chicken and another topped with sweet potato fries. Let's hope the ingredients are fair trade.

The Thin Man
The Thin Man is a dimly-lit hipster hangout in Uptown Denver. This bar offers some great music, although we all know it would sound better on vinyl. It's more a low-key lounge than anything. But some nights get busy, since its location is so close to City Park and Cheesman Park.

Washington Park
Washington Park is one of the largest parks in Denver but that's not why hipsters love it. Any normal hipster would roll their eyes at soccer teams and ultimate frisbee playing at the park while they head west of Washington Park to get a tattoo, a cup of joe or a local craft beer. The neighborhood west of Washington Park should have an 'only mustaches or flannels allowed' sign since this dope part of town has a young vibe, I can't even get started.

Madison is a hipster in denial living near Denver. When she's not biking in skinny jeans, she's hiking in the mountains or drinking the newest IPA from local breweries. Follow her on Instagram at madidragna.