10 bars that will make you forget about South Beach

Everyone knows that South Beach is the epicenter of Miami's world-famous nightlife scene.

But why should South Beach get all of the glory?

Yes, the strip of land that sits in between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay is tropical, exciting and will provide you with a wealth of memories (both good and bad) that could fill a "War and Peace" like-novel. But in a lot of ways, the glitter and glam of South Beach overshadow the rest of what Miami's glittering nightlife has to offer.

So, with this guide, we decided to shun South Beach and bring your 10 bars that will make you forget all about South Beach and sample the rest of South Florida's vibrant and one-of-a-kind bar scene.


1. Bululu Miami

Thanks to the sheer allure of Miami, no one really notices that Miami is a beer town. The beer culture here is pretty impressive, implicated by Bululu Miami, which, despite a name that doesn't scream "beer drinkers paradise," is one of the best places to snag some craft suds. The atmosphere here is also game for animated get-togethers without the South Beach douche vibe.

2. Lagniappe

Music and wine? Sign us up!

That is what you will receive when you head for Lagniappe, a Midtown bar that is just as eccentric as the part of town it sits in. The sultry venue host mainly local artists, but Miami is a music town so that is a treat. What's more of a treat is the wine bar, which is pretty freaking extensive, and the atmosphere, which will keep the good times rolling all night long.

3. The Spillover

Coconut Grove may be the most popular nightlife spot in all of South Florida outside of that strip of land that we have already name dropped too much. There are plenty of bars and restaurants here that will keep you in this upscale neighborhood all night long, one of which is The Spillover, which combines Florida seafood and beer to make this a grand place to hang out after work or on the weekend.

4. The Corner

Here's a fun fact: Downtown Miami bars and clubs can stay open 24 hours, seven days a week, 365 days of the year.

Not even South Beach enjoys such a privileged honor, which makes The Corner one of the bars to go whether or not you like your beer at 11 p.m. or at 4 a.m. That's one of the pleasures of The Corner, but what makes this bar even more awesome is the vibe, which is chill, sort of upscale, and totally Miami.

5. Baby Jane

There is something incredibly cute about this Brickell bar. First off, the name Baby Jane is one that is completely innovative (OK, not so, but it's too darn cute!) and will automatically draw in cocktail and beer drinkers to enjoy their happy hour, which is one of the best in the city. Second, the atmosphere is top notch, which will beat the pants off of the bars and clubs that populates the strip of land across from Biscayne Bay.

6. McSorley's Beach Pub

If you really want a beach bar and don't want to cross the bridges to the land of velvet rope and hard-to-negociate-with bouncers, head up I-95 (or, for something more scenic, A1A) to Fort Lauderdale, where McSorely's Beach Pub will provide you with a ton of fun memories. The drinks, the vibe, the people, and it's setting right on the Oceanwalk makes McSorley's one of the places to go to have fun drinking at the beach while still doing your flip-flops.

7. The Rum Bar

For a laidback tropical bar vibe without the fanciness, make your way yo Key West, where this Duval Street bar will be waiting for you with open arms. That bar is The Rum Bar, a chill place which lives up to its name by serving every rum concoction known to man. You will be feeling nice, you will be feeling drunk, but, most of all, you won't have ton deal with the South Beach crowd to achieve all of this.


There was a time when people all over Florida (and the freakin' nation) was saying this four-lettered word with (annoying) passion. The founders of this Fort Lauderdale bar thought it would be great to name their bar/lounge after the famed YOLO, and, you know what? This is a pretty great bar to be. Las Olas is, in some ways, Broward County's version of swanky South Beach, but, it's not as stuffy as its southern counterpart, and though YOLO looks like a contender to be located on Ocean Drive, it's made a perfect home on Las Olas, and we should all thank our lucky stars that we get to enjoy great drinks and an upscale vibe without the constant crush of visitors.

9. Churchill's

You won't find a bar like Churchill's on Ocean Drive or Washington Avenue. This is a bar that belongs in Little Haiti, away from the fluttering socialites that wouldn't dare visit this area after the sun go down. But for those of us that enjoys a truly great dive bar that has a sketchy atmosphere, this is our Disney World. The drinks are hard, the music is harder and you will walk away from Churchill's with a ton of great memories.

10. Redbar Brickell

Granted, the South beach vibe isn't all bad, but you don't have to actually go across the bridge to have that vibe. You can just head to Brickell and the Redbar, which has one of the best happy hours in the city and will provide you and your crew with a great night out on the town. See, we can say something nice about South Beach without actually having to go there, just like you can enjoy this South Beach-vibed bar without the air of petulance hanging over you.

Kareem Gantt is a Florida-based writer that is itching to do the Duval Bar crawl. If you want to know what's on his mind 24/7, follow him on Twitter.