5 super-secret-insidery tips to know before you go to an Ohio State football game

For fans of the Ohio State Buckeyes, making a trip to a home game in Columbus is like some sort of holy pilgrimage. Something so sacred should be handled with care, shouldn't it? By following these five super-secret tips below, your game-day experience is guaranteed to be a slice of heaven.

Skip the tailgate
When you think football, you usually think tailgate. But don't think that at an Ohio State game. I tried out the tailgate scene when I went to a game, and honestly, I was bored to tears. Of course, I don't drink, so if that's your thing then you may have a grand old time. But I still wouldn't suggest it. All you do is eat questionable hot dogs and watch random intoxicated people play corn hole while the game plays on a tiny TV screen. You'll enjoy yourself much more if you go inside the stadium and watch the game in there. Novel idea, I know.

Give yourself time to wander

Miranda Roehler

When I went to an OSU game, we arrived with several hours to spare. Doing so not only ensures that you'll get a good parking spot, but it gives you the chance to appreciate the campus. Since everyone else will be crowding around "The Shoe" you'll basically have the rest of campus to yourself. I got the chance to check out the Value City Arena, or "Schott," which is where the Buckeyes play basketball. You'll appreciate the Schott so much more during this off-season when the thousands of screaming sports fans are far across campus instead of being crammed in the same building as you.

Dress for anything the sky could throw at you
The nature of Ohio weather is that nature is cruel. Football season is particularly moody. I've seen it be sunny and snow in the same day during a game. I was not at all prepared for a football game I attended. I dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt, which you think would be appropriate for November weather. But I was wrong. I was freezing cold in the morning and blazing hot by afternoon. It will be in your best interest to dress in layers. So grab some gloves, throw o, a poncho, and maybe bring your bathing suit just to be safe (I don't suggest doing that last one).

Don't get up at halftime

Miranda Roehler

I know, this sounds like the exact opposite of all football-related knowledge you've ever acquired in your lifetime. But trust me on this one. While football is certainly popular at OSU, the school is known nationwide for having an untouchable marching band. Remember that super viral video of the marching band that formed a football field-sized Michael Jackson and made him moonwalk? Yeah, that was the OSU band. Now remember how blown away you were by that video? It's even better in person. So don't miss halftime, okay? You can go get a pretzel whenever, but you'll never get the chance to watch a marching band form a moonwalking pop star again.

Don't wear any combo of blue and yellow
If you're a true Buckeye fan, then this needs no explanation. But if you're someone from out of town or you just aren't real in tune with the Buckeye culture, this tip is the most important. Even if your only raincoat is navy blue with bright yellow stripes on it ... don't bring it into The Shoe. That is, unless you want to be the subject of many glares and whispers. The reason why? Maize and blue are the school colors of the Buckeyes' biggest rival, the Michigan Wolverines. As an Ohioan and lifetime Buckeye, I know that's just asking for trouble. I don't care how pretty that raincoat is, just don't do it. You'll thank me later.

More from this author: Miranda Roehler grew up in Northwest Ohio. She studied Creative Writing and History at The University of Findlay and has been published in multiple international journals.