Get a taste of St. Louis with the city's best booze-infused desserts

It's no surprise we St. Louisans like to hit the sauce. Thanks to our lineup of local breweries and craft distilleries, our favorite beverages make their appearance at every ballgame, church picnic and playground in town (OK — you can just hold your judgement).

Thankfully, the most considerate of restaurants have taken our love of libations one step further by spiking our desserts with our favorite adult beverages. From ice cream to cake, teetotalers and lushes alike can savor the most heavenly, booze-soaked concoctions ever to grace a dessert plate. And because many of these restaurants sit in the shadow of the Anheuser-Busch brewery, it's the perfect excuse to savor some delicious treats while getting a taste of St. Louis's brewing history.

The Whiskey Bread Pudding at John D. McGurk's
The Emerald Isle influence in St. Louis is strong, with a number of pubs filling the city's historic neighborhoods and an endless variety of bread puddings to sample. But for a true Irish experience, head to McGurk's in Soulard. Its Whiskey Bread Pudding, topped with strawberry or caramel sauces and decked out in a rich whiskey butter, is best enjoyed on the city's favorite patio where pints are raised and Celtic musicians provide the soundtrack.

The Old Friends or Manhattan at Clementine's Naughty and Nice Creamery
One of St. Louis' newest ice cream shops is dishing up frozen treats even Don Draper would approve of. Clementine's flip on the Old Fashioned, the Old Friends, combines Rebel Yell bourbon with orange, cherry and bitters, while the Rally Point Rye whiskey-based Manhattan is played up with tart cherry and sweet vermouth. Grab a spoon and booze it up!

The Lover's Quarrel at Bailey's Chocolate Bar
Bailey's Chocolate Bar, a Lafayette Square favorite, was one of the first in the city to merge ice cream and liquor into knock-your-socks-off martinis. But their traditional desserts are just as sinful. Try the Apple-y Ever After, featuring an apple cinnamon crumb cake with rum butter drizzle and salted caramel ice cream or the aptly-named A-Pear to Remember, where wine-poached pears relax in a frangipane crust tart, bathed in pear cider sorbet.

The Chocolate Soufflé Roulade at Vin de Set
If serving up on the best views of the city wasn't enough, Vin de Set also treats its patrons to one decadent dessert. Kick up the romance by enjoying its rich Chocolate Soufflé, topped with a light Grand Mariner Chantilly crème for a delicate flash of liquor flavor, on its rooftop bar with a glass of good red wine and your favorite sweets lover.

Limon Seduction at The Fountain on Locust
Though it's a 10-minute Uber ride from the Brewery, The Fountain on Locust is my top spot to take out-of-towners. This Art Deco-influenced soda foundation serves up 25 different ice cream martinis that pack one hell of a punch. As the bartender mixes Limoncello, lemon sherbet and homemade vanilla ice cream into the Limon Seduction, it's a sign you're one step closer to heaven.

Nicole Plegge is a freelance writer and pop culture aficionado based in St. Louis. While she's busy writing for a variety of websites, magazines and blogs, she still can't get over never being able to attend the Eastland School for Girls.