10 places in Atlanta to meet your soulmate

Are you growing weary of the online dating scene? Are you seeking a true connection with a mate? Turn off your computer, tablet and phone and get out of the house now. There are dozens of ways to meet like-minded people by engaging in interactive fun experiences.

First, find your "OM"
If you love yoga, meditation and philosophical nurturing, then you might find your mate at a yoga center or workshop.
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Yoga at Sacred Thread Yoga
With four locations across Atlanta and nine class choices per day, anyone should be able to carve out an hour or two to get their inner yogi out to play. Are you in the mood for a sunrise Vinyasa or a mindful hot session?

Meditation at The Mindfulness Center of Atlanta
Spend a day or a weekend learning how to just be present in the moment. These exercises are great stress relievers and when the group discussion begins, pay attention as you may make a connection.

Workshops at The Open Mind Center
The mind is like a parachute; it works best when it is open. You can opt in on workshops that explore holistic health or personal and professional development. You can also try reiki or chakra balancing. And if you really just can't wait to find out when love will enter your life, this is the place to get a psychic reading.

Marry Minds
Common interests and a love of learning are healthy components of creating a successful relationship. You could certainly find the love of your life while learning something new like cooking or painting.
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Art class at Spruill Center of the Arts
Wake up the sleeping artist that resides in the right side of your brain. The Spruill Center offers day, evening and weekend classes. Choose from painting, photography, sculpture, drawing and more. Connect with your creative side and you just may discover the one you are looking for.

Cooking Class at The Cook's Warehouse
Food is a language that everyone understands. Surely one of the best ways to impress a potential partner is to be a ninja in the kitchen. The Cook's Warehouse offers classes by over 20 different chefs in every type of cuisine you can imagine. From candy-making to ways to cook on The Big Green Egg, you are sure to satiate your palate and hopefully your heart.

Mixology Class at H. Harper Station
Craft cocktails are one of the trendiest movements in the world of libations. If you want to learn a few secret concoctions to whip up on romantic evenings, book in for a 90-minute cocktail lesson at H. Harper Station. You will learn to make a perfect Pisco Sour and perhaps find a new friend as well.

Race your heart
A love of physical fitness and the great outdoors is a shared interest that will cement the bond between any pair of lovebirds. It's pretty sexy to get your heart pumping and your body sweaty with that special someone.
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Sports League at Zog Sports Atlanta
Do you still long for the camaraderie of team sports from your high school days? Despair no more as Zog Sports has come to the rescue. Whatever your game – it is on! Choose from basketball, dodge ball, soccer, softball and even bowling.

Atlanta Cycling
If the gym bicycle is starting to feel stale, join this cycling club and join in on some outdoor adventures. They have group events for all levels, the only requirement is to bring a helmet.

Atlanta Outdoor Club
One of the favorite hiking locations for the Atlanta Outdoor Club is Kennesaw Mountain. The club plans not only hiking, but canoeing events. They have nearly 3000 members and at least 200 events a year, so grab a backpack and sign-up.

Escape Together at Mission Escape
Get locked in a room with a stranger at Mission Escape and work together to steal back the world's most coveted jewel or escape the Grandjestic Hotel. The challenge will test your wits and get you into the minds of your fellow players. Who knows what you may find?

So, we're dying to know. Did you meet your soulmate? Even if you haven't, you've undoubtedly had some fun, made some friends and shared some laughter.

Meeka Anne is revisiting her childhood stomping grounds in Atlanta where she grew up. She writes for several lifestyle magazines and has authored two books.