All the best bucket list worthy destinations in The Bachelor

Ah, The Bachelor. A great indulgence of the Reality TV era, perfectly poised to give us plenty of opportunities to dream of romance, experience schadenfreude, and even feel a little wanderlust. Over 21 seasons, The Bachelor has taken the crew – and the audience – along to some of the world's most beautiful and romantic destinations around the world.

Here are some of the best, in case you don't already have enough places on your bucket list.

Patrice_Audet via Pixabay

Quebec City (Season 5, Jesse)

Quebec City, Quebec gives one the opportunity to experience Europe without the jetlag, long flight, or exorbitant airfare. If you're looking for a romantic getaway with plenty of European charm, all you need to do is grab your passport and head north of the border.

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The French Riviera (Season 8, Travis)

If, on the other hand, you want real European experiences to look back on, the French Riviera will do the trick. In Season 8, Travis and some of the women enjoyed a day of play on the water, followed by gambling in Cannes. Sounds perfect, right?

tpsdave via Pixabay

New Zealand (Season 13, Jason)

New Zealand is bucket list worthy on its own, but seeing the stunning scenery featured in Season 13 really drove the point home. Whether you opt for a helicopter tour, wine tasting, or bungee jumping, New Zealand has something for everyone.

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St. Lucia (Season 14, Jake)

Season 14 of The Bachelor ended in St. Lucia, where the scenery nearly stole the show from Jake and his final choice, Vienna. St. Lucia has plenty of romance to offer, as well as adventure and luxury, depending on why you end up checking this spot off your bucket list.

tpsdave via Pixabay

Lake Louise, Canada (Season 17, Sean)

Lake Louise – in addition to being featured halfway through Season 17 – has become famous as a must-see spot thanks to Instagram (it's that lake everybody gazes out over!). If you book a night at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise, you'll get the full experience of old world glamor and wilderness.

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Bali (Season 19, Chris)

As part of the final eliminations in Season 19, Chris takes three lucky women to explore Bali, Indonesia. Like the contestants, you too can explore temples, meet locals, enjoy Indonesian food, and even interact with monkeys. No rose required.

USA-Reiseblogger via Pixabay

New Orleans (Season 21, Nick)

In the current season, and with Mardi Gras just around the corner, it's the perfect time to add New Orleans to your bucket list. Season 21's Bachelor, Nick, shows us the highlights of this city's vibrant culture, just in case you need more convincing.

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