Best happy hours for adventurous foodies in Los Angeles

Half-price beer and appetizers are great but sometimes you need add a little sizzle to your happy hour. Next time you're feeling dangerous, grab your friends/partners/coworkers, whoever and upgrade your happy hour from average to an adventure.

Artisan House - DTLA
Artisan House's slogan is "Break Bread. Share Wine. Feed the Soul." They might consider changing that last statement (or adding one) to something that reads "Spice Up Your Night." Their happy hour is hot. The red thai curry mussels are a real stand out but the Sriracha glazed calamari is a close second. They've got a few less fiery options if you're not feeling the flame. The portions are well-sized for one, or make for a good family style happy hour and the ambiance lends itself well to spending a few hours and chatting with some friends. Plus, they've got a deli, so if you have to bring home some dinner but don't feel like cooking, grab something on your way out.

Cecconi's - West Hollywood
Cecconi's happy hour has a perfect hashtag: #4to7. It runs from 4 p.m. - 7 p.m. and has food and drinks ranging from $4 to $7. It's a great set up, really. It does only run from Tuesday through Saturday, so keep that in mind for making plans. The dishes are simple, they let a few ingredients speak for themselves. If there are two things you should try, it's these: the Fried Olives, Mortadella, and Parmigiano from the $4 menu and the Burrata, Wild Arugula, and Avocado from the $7 menu. The fried olives were one of the most unique things I've ever tasted (in a good way). And burrata cheese is something to go out of your way for. It's got the exterior of mozzarella and an interior something like ricotta, but a little smoother. It will melt in your mouth.

Credit: Megan Cooper

Snakepit Alehouse - West Hollywood
When I eat polenta, I expect it to be in a sort of cream of wheat consistency or in loaf form. What I did not expect was to get it in french fry form. But that's what The Snakepit Alehouse has got going on. The Mangia polenta fries have a unique texture, but are cooked to perfection. Also, do yourself a favor and skip the ketchup. I was tempted to get my old red go-to but I tried it with the pomodoro sauce and parmesan it was served with and it was a real treat. It reminded me a little of pizza.

Melrose Umbrella Co - West Hollywood
It's hard to describe the ambiance of the Melrose Umbrella Co. It's like you crossed a wine cellar with an old rustic supper club and speakeasy. It's cozy and comfy, but also kind of hip. The cocktails are spectacular but the real treat was the pork and pickle poutine. I had to be talked into trying it, pickles (unless deep fried) have never been my jam, but my coworker was right, and I did in fact love it. Also, it was only $6. The price point on their happy hour food is right on. I tried a bit of my coworker's tuna tartine and it was quite delicious as well.

Gyu-Kaku - West Hollywood
Mondays can be a real pain but Gyu-Kaku has all day happy hour on Monday to take the edge off. The only time it's not happy hour here are Tuesday through Saturday from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Literally everything else is happy hour. They pride themselves on being a tapas style Yakiniku restaurant so it's another great place to come with a lot of friends and a lot of time. I couldn't get enough of the addicting cabbage (I mean it). And I also enjoyed the spicy tuna poke. It was my first experience with poke, but it's given me a taste for more of it.

Megan lives in Los Angeles and enjoys running and eating her way around the city. She's here to write, follow along on her website.