Top 10 most sinfully delicious desserts you can find in Columbus, Ohio

Humans and desserts have been involved in a centuries-long love affair that shows no signs of cooling down. So when your sweet tooth starts shouting your name, you can find some decadent treats in Columbus, Ohio that will happily answer the call. Gluttony may be a sin, but you won't feel any guilt after indulging in these ten tasty treats below.

Ice cream coolers
There's a wealth of flavors to choose from at the local favorite ice cream shop, Johnson's Real Ice Cream. But you can really up your game by combining those flavors with the fizzy sweetness of pop. Ask any local, and they'll recommend you order some chocolate ice cream and a Coke to create the most refreshing "ice cream cooler" that will ever meet your lips.

Strawberry Danish
Belle's Bakery is a delightful Japanese bakery with equally delightful sweets. The pastries, specifically the Danishes, are where it's at. A lot of their flavors are seasonal, so you should set your taste buds on the strawberry Danish, which is there year-round. So whether it's the dead of summer or the middle of winter, the strawberry Danish is the one thing you can always count on in life.


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Pistacia Vera is the go-to place in Columbus for all things sweet. You can never go wrong with their macarons, which come in numerous flavors and a rainbow assortment of colors. You can get one macaron for less than $2 or you can buy a "gift of 12" for a little over $20. Just don't tell anyone that "gift" is for yourself.

Bow tie donut
If you've got a wedding planned sometime in your life, then Resch's Bakery is a great place to get your obligatory cake of wonders. But if you'd just like to make a lifetime vow to dessert, you need to meet their bow tie donut. Even more so than the chocolate-glazed flavors, the bow tie donut is the one the locals keep coming back to. Such devotion is clear proof of the bow tie donut's redeeming qualities.

Chocolate truffle torte
Come for the live music, stay for the desserts. Mozart's is neat little spot in Columbus with a restaurant, piano café, and bakery all in one. The bakery hosts a wide array of European sweets that will have you singing a happy tune. My recommendation is the chocolate truffle torte, solely because it's chocolate on chocolate on chocolate. Is any other explanation needed?

Ndali estate vanilla bean ice cream

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Of all the ice cream shops in Columbus, Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams is the one that locals and visitors can never stop talking about, and for good reasons. You can't go wrong with their vanilla bean ice cream, which their menu describes as having "subtly sweet hints of jasmine, honey, smoke, and donuts." I'm never sure how I feel about eating cold, creamy smoke, but the donut part is worth it.

The BUCKEYE donut
Speaking of donuts, you absolutely have to try this beauty at one point in your life. I don't care if you live in Antarctica; it is your sacred duty to taste the BUCKEYE donut. You can find this concoction of deep fried chocolate and peanut butter goodness at (surprise) Buckeye Donuts. Oh, and they're open 24 hours a day, so when you get in from Antarctica at three in the morning, those donuts will be waiting for you.

Velvet Elvis truffle
You won't be able to help yourself from falling in love with this swoon-worthy creation. "The King" knew a thing or two about mixing foods for a tasty combination, and Le Chocoholique pays homage to that in his namesake truffle. This tiny ball of perfection contains peanut butter, peanuts, bananas, and bacon. Just one bite of this truffle will have you "All Shook Up."

Half-pound cream puffs

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Nothing says "dessert" like half a pound of sugar and cream. These beautiful creations can be found at Schmidt's restaurant in the historic German Village neighborhood. I personally recommend the vanilla cream puff. Some of the specialty flavors are so rich that you can hardly eat more than two bites at a time. But hey, at least it lasts longer that way.

Black & white cupcake
Kittie's Cakes has the cutest little cupcakes you'll ever see -- almost too cute to eat (but not quite cute enough). Some flavors change daily, but others remain steadfast and true. One such flavor is the Black & White cupcake. Allow me to describe this culinary creation: dark chocolate cake filled with white chocolate chunks and vanilla bean pudding, covered with vanilla bean buttercream icing and white chocolate. The menu describes the cupcake as being perfect for those "with commitment issues," but I doubt you'll have any problems committing to the cupcake itself.

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