Deep fried and delicious Chicago restaurants

Although health food seems to be the up and coming trend in Chicago restaurants, there are still some gems that will serve your most deep fried, cheesy, and sugary desires.

Here's a look at five Chicago restaurants that have the most artery clogging, greasy, and undoubtedly delicious dishes:

1. 6 Degrees

Although the Horseshoe Sandwich originated in Springfield, Illinois, Bucktown's 6 Degrees has brought it to the Windy City. 6 Degrees' Horseshoe is an open-faced sandwich piled high with Texas Toast, two choices of protein – options include hamburger, chicken, turkey burger, buffalo chicken, Italian beef, veggie, or pulled pork – cheese sauce, and topped with a greasy pile of fries.

2. Big & Little's

Big & Little's adds a deep fried twist to one of America's favorite comfort foods: grilled cheese. Big & Little's deep fried grilled cheese sandwich is a hamburger bun stuffed with American cheese and bacon slices, dipped in batter, and fried to a golden crisp of cheesy goodness. In the case that the sandwich isn't enough, it is accompanied by a hefty pile of French fries.

3. Parts and Labor

Parts and Labor is a griddle burger bar in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood, but it is probably best known for its deep fried Twinkies. Parts and Labor not only deep fries Hostess' favorite dessert but they also add a drizzle of their homemade raspberry sauce.

4. Lowcountry

Lowcountry is a nautical themed seafood restaurant in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood, and they also happen to serve deep fried Oreos. Lowcountry doesn't use just any batter for their Oreos; they are dipped in a Rice Krispies cereal contraption before being dipped in hot oil to deep fry. The Rice Krispies add that extra crunch to your Oreo dessert.

5. Tano's Pizzeria

Tano's Pizzeria takes Chicago's original deep dish pizza and turns it into more of a pizza pot pie. Tano's Pizzeria makes the traditional Chicago style pizza with sourdough crust drizzled with cheese and tomato sauce, but they add a second layer of crust on top of the tomato sauce. There are also a variety of creative topping choices, including prosciutto, buffalo chicken, and meatballs.

Marlee Chizhevsky has lived in Chicago for 28 years. She has been published on "USA Today," Livestrong, and