Top 10 places to get drunk on local booze in Kansas City

Kansas City is quickly making a name for itself as a food and drink destination in the Midwest, as well as the entire country. While Boulevard Beer in Kansas City, and Freestate Brewing Company in Lawrence, are probably viewed as the godfathers of this movement on the booze side, we're taking those old dogs to that big farm in the country and taking a look at places that have jumped into the deep end of Kansas City brewing and distilling in just the last few years. Put on your drinking pants, which should be all your pants, and let's go!

KC Bier Company
KC Bier is located in the Waldo/Brookside area of Kansas City and is one of the closest things to a true neighborhood beer hall that we have. It's damn good beer too, and one of the best meeting places for tipping back a Dunkel (their best go-to beer) or three with friends.

Cinder Block
Cinder Block mixes things up on the Kansas City beer scene with its cider offerings but also has some kick ass beers on tap. I've had pineapple, cherry and apple based ciders and they are proper, balanced European style, which means crisp and refreshing rather than the sweet sorority party swill that is too easy to associate with cider and other fruit based booze.

Martin City Brewing
Martin City is everything you could want in a local purveyor of delicious suds that'll getcha tipsy. Abbey and City Saison are the go-to daily drinkers. They also have a respectable gluten free option known as Yoga Pants, which is impressive considering that gluten free tends to be a death knell for flavor. If you're hungry for pizza, Martin City has you covered with some of the best pies in town as well.

Stockyard Brewing
Stockyard is the purple velvet, leopard print, gold Cadillac of the KC brewing world. Why? It's in the old Golden Ox space, a throwback to the days of big cars, big ass steaks, big hair, and an ash tray at every table. Luckily that last one is a complete thing of the past, and the Ox is now Stockyard, pushing out some great brews. Speaking of smoke, the smoked imperial pilsener is one of the more unique, and delicious, offerings on any local brewery's tap list.

Tom's Town Distillery
Tom's Town is named for Tom Pendergast, who is identified as a "political boss" from the 1920s and 1930s. I've never seen "boss" on a political ballot, so I think we can connect the dots on how he operated. Tom's Town has ambitions to be the boss in Kansas City's distilled spirits game, with multiple well balanced, affordable and delicious liquor staples that will allow you to enjoy the flavor while also knocking you on your ass. My tip, as usual, is that whiskey is the correct answer to any question at Tom's Town.

Brewery Emperial
Brewery Emperial is beer-dork heaven. It is a nod to the old days, as well as to the European belief that the beer comes first. BE also prides itself on a locally sourced food menu to go along with its menu of primarily lagers and ales in giving Kansas City a beer experience worth coming back to over and over.

Restless Spirits Distilling
Restless Spirits is another newcomer to the liquor scene in Kansas City. They are making a big push to get out and get noticed, and it's paying off. Their gin is especially noteworthy, with an herbaceous refined taste that is typically found in the much higher priced crowd on the liquor shelf. Mix it with a high quality tonic like Fever Tree and you've got the perfect summer sipper.

Border Brewing
Border makes the Crossroads Art District much more beerified, which is always a good thing. Recently celebrating its two year anniversary, Border pumps out a lot of the standard beers: an IPA, an American pale, a rye and others, but they also have some unique offerings like a mint chocolate stout, a porter aged on toasted wood for a smoky flavor, and a high booze barley wine. You can also get in on the management process by voting for the types of beer they introduce by way of the hashtag #webrew4you.

Torn Label Brewing
Torn Label is one of the more ambitious local breweries in town, pushing out tap beers, collaborations, bombers and special edition brews all the time. My favorite beer, and beer name, recently has been Bloody Christmas, a blood orange Belgian stout coming in at just over 8% abv for a healthy kick in the liver.

Crane Brewing
Crane has established itself as the master of Gose and Weiss beers in the midwest. Some of them are just plain funky, like the Beet Weiss; some are not things you would expect to see in a beer, like the Tea Weiss. All of their beers are expertly crafted, taste damn good, and come in bombers wrapped in some of the best packaging on the market.

Drew has been drinking everything Kansas City has to offer for over 15 years and can't wait to keep trying everything that this kick ass town can brew, distill and ferment.