Five Seattle restaurants worth blowing your diet

It's true what they say: The Pacific Northwest is a health-conscious place. It's not uncommon to find parka-clad residents of Seattle hitting the ski slopes after work, or training for an ultra-marathon in the city's notorious drizzle.

But Seattleites also know how to indulge after a big hike or intense workout. Burgers, fries, pizza, ice cream Seattle has you covered for all things delicious and totally bad for you. Here are five places around town to completely obliterate your diet. Chances are you've earned it.

Li'l Woody's Burgers & Shakes
With three locations around Seattle, Li'l Woody's Burgers & Shakes is an outstanding choice for food that is both thoughtful and totally bad for you. Consider the burger toppings: pickled figs, fancy Painted Hills bacon, blue cheese, queso sauce, onion rings and even peanut butter. True to the name, you can also order milkshakes, or opt for a side called "crack": hand-cut fries with a small container of milkshake for dipping.

Bok a Bok Fried Chicken
This quick-service fried chicken with a Korean-influenced twist is perfect for scarfing. Bok a Bok's menu is a fried-food fan's delight, with wings, drumsticks and breasts drenched in thick breading and perfectly fried. There are also sandwich combinations with toppings like gochujang barbecue sauce and four-chili house hot sauce, and sides like tater tots, fries, biscuits and kimchi mac and cheese.

Cheese Wizards
Grilled cheese gets sexy at Cheese Wizards, with gooey combinations of artisan cheese and bread. Hilariously named combinations include the Voldemortadella, with provolone, mozzarella, cream cheese, salami and black forest ham, and the Goblin King, with Swiss, Monterrey Jack, roasted red peppers, chicken, and sriracha aioli.

Hello Robin
This cookie shop is the real deal, and these babies must be loaded with lard, because nothing this delicious can possibly include anything less than pure fat. Purists can go for the chocolate chip, or skew more adventurous with salted butterscotch, orange snickerdoodle and oatmeal chocolate chip with tart cherries. Oh, and there are ice cream sandwich options too.

Jack's BBQ
This place is a meat lover's wet dream. Jack's BBQ smokes its meat Texas-style, with the sauce on the side; perfectly prepared brisket, pulled pork, sausages and more await. Go on Tuesday nights, when the restaurant serves beef ribs massive slabs of succulent meat. Hope you don't have cholesterol issues.

Megan Hill is a Seattle-based freelance writer focusing on topics of food and travel. She earns her anti-diet meals on the hiking trail and tennis court.