Seattle's top 10 most colorful spots to brighten your day

Many people think Seattle is gray, dreary, and rainy all the time – and yes, it can be that way from time to time (especially right now in the depths of winter!). That said, so many people love this city because it isn't always gray, and has some truly colorful sights to enjoy. Here are 10 of the best.

The Rainbow Sidewalks of Capitol Hill

As part of the fight for marriage equality, one intersection in Seattle painted their sidewalks in bright rainbows. It's a common spot for Instagramming, and also a good starting point for exploring Seattle's most 'colorful' neighborhood (colorful here describing the people!).

The Colorful structure of MoPOP in Seatle Center. Photo via Pixabay.

Seattle Center

If there's one place you can find every color under the sun, it's Seattle Center. Beautiful trees line the walkways, the Space Needle towers overhead, and the MoPOP museum with its technicolor structure. In spring and autumn, the trees bloom and change color in more colors too.

Sky View Observatory

There are a few great spots to see the Seattle skyline, and Sky View Observatory is definitely one of the most underrated. As new buildings pop up every year – many with weird bright colors built into the construction – this is a perfect spot to enjoy the view.

The blues and greens of Gas Works Park. W & J via Flickr.

Gas Works Park

On a nice sunny day, Gas Works Park is the perfect vantage point to see the colors that make Seattle famous: bright blue skies, rich verdant trees, sparkling white light on the waves of Lake Union. They call Seattle the Emerald City for a reason, and these gem tones are why.

Alki Beach

For many people, they're surprised to learn that along with blues and greens, we have the perfect yellow color of sand within easy reach of Seattle. Catch the water taxi from downtown to walk along the closest 'sand beach' to the city (as opposed to the rocky beaches we usually find). It's not uncommon to see families picnicking and young folks sunbathing on really nice days.

The colorful Pike Place Market at sunset. Photo via Pixabay.

Pike Place Market

From the outside, Pike Place Market is certainly colorful: brightly lit fruit and the neon red of the titular sign. Inside that color is brought up to a whole new level. You can see fish in every color flying through the air, bouquets in bloom nearly year round and hand-crafted items from around the Puget Sound Region. It is certainly never boring in the market.

Gum Wall

Arguably the grossest place in all of Seattle, the Gum Wall is slowly being rebuilt after being cleaned in 2015. Because gum comes it all colors and flavors, the Gum Wall is one of the most colorful (and fruit-smelling) spots in the city... and it's right under Pike Place Market!

The Cherry Blossoms of UW

If a little pale pink is what you're craving after a long winter of gray, mark your calendars to visit the UW campus once the cherry blossoms bloom. If you show up early on a nice day, you'll have a better chance of enjoying the blooms with relatively few people, and can dream of falling petals in a shower around you.

The view from Kerry Park. Photo via Pixabay.

Kerry Park

On a clear spring or summer day, Kerry Park gives you the best view of the Seattle skyline's colorful palette. From the bright red of the sign on Key Arena to the dusky white of Mount Rainier in the background – you'll feel the love for the city with this view.

The Puddle on Pier 62/63

Also one of Seattle's most Instagrammable spots, the Pier 62/63 puddle is currently blocked off due to construction. When it's open, you can enjoy a dual-view of the city and Seattle Great Wheel (counting the reflection), the latter of which is lit in bright colors every night.

Valerie Stimac is a Seattle-based travel writer still workin' on her Instagram game. You can find her writing on AFAR, Travel & Leisure, and her blog, Valerie & Valise.