Seattle Tinder date spots to take your vacay fling

For some people using Tinder, it's a straightforward app to meet people for the night; for others, Tinder may be a gateway to more meaningful connections. If you're visiting Seattle and hoping to meet up with a local (or two!), it may be hard to know exactly where to take your matches. Here are some tips to get you started planning a date that helps lead to, erm, whatever you hope the date will lead to!

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Take in the View

If you're visiting Seattle and simultaneously playing the Tinder field, you might as well enjoy some of the sights while here, right? For that reason, taking a Tinder date to one of Seattle's best viewpoints hits two birds with one stone. Places like Kerry Park or Sky View Observatory let you take in the view, and if the date is going well, it's a pretty romantic spot. Even if your date is a local they won't be able to resist the views of their hometown.

Enjoy Some Active Fun

Activities like bowling or Smashputt (when it's in town) are great choices for a Tinder date for two reasons: if it's going well, there are plenty of opportunities for high-fives or hugs, and, if not, you can still have fun doing something when things are awkward. You'll also get to enjoy some of the fun Seattle activities we locals enjoy on a regular basis.

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Hit Up a Dive Bar – or a High-End Restaurant

There's no better way to see how your date reacts than to take them significantly different than the mediocre mid-range restaurant we've all come to know are "safe bets" for a first date. Try a favorite dive or sports bar (like The George & Dragon in Fremont or The Owl & Thistle downtown). Try ordering a pitcher and see how they handle it. Conversely, if you decide to test their classiness at a fancy restaurant like Purple or Wild Ginger, even if the date is a bust you'll have a good meal.

Get Your Groove On

Nothing lets you know if you've got chemistry with somebody like music and dancing. You could opt for a DJ set at the infamous Chop Suey in Capitol Hill, or go for something a bit more unusual like salsa dancing classes. Either way, if things are going well, it's an easy way to get a bit cozier as the night goes on.

Enjoy Seattle's Live Music Scene

It's not cited on many 'must do' tourist lists, but live music has been an integral part of Seattle's cultural presence for a long time. Concerts are a good first date because you can chat and get to know one another between sets, dance a bit or just enjoy the music if the match isn't as hot as you thought it was. Some great venues include The Crocodile in Belltown and El Corazon in Denny Triangle/South Lake Union. Most have shows nightly – perfect even when your match is only available on a Tuesday.

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Hit Up Seattle's Tourist Spots

Similar to taking in views of Seattle, some of our most touristy spots are great for a date. Grab a bouquet while at Pike Place Market, or enjoy a glass of wine atop the Space Needle. On the off chance your Tinder match is put off by the idea of something as "cheesy" as a tourist activity, move on to the next match.

Go to the Movies

Movie-going isn't the best first date experience, as you may not have a lot of time to talk during the date. However, if you take a date to Cinerama and can't agree on which type of popcorn to order, it's pretty much guaranteed that this first date will be the only date. On the other hand, if you can agree that mixed plain and chocolate popcorn is clearly the best option, things might go well for the rest of the night.

The Hotel Bar

If you're in Seattle from out of town, there's one easy go-to Tinder date option: the hotel bar. If you're staying somewhere cool like Motif or the Arctic Club, you've got a cool, swanky bar right on premises. If things go well, your room is close at hand—if not, the cocktails will still be on point.

Trivia Night at a Local Brewery/Bar

If you want to get to know if a Tinder match can say, hold a conversation for more than one date, attending a trivia night at one of the many bars that host them might be a great option. You can learn what subjects your date is knowledgeable about, and the areas they're completely lacking. After the date, you'll have a better sense of whether you even want to keep messaging with them.

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Follow My Lead

Start the night in one of Seattle's fastest growing neighborhoods: South Lake Union. There are loads of great restaurants, but my favorite is Re:public. If pre-dinner drinks go well there, head over to Brave Horse Tavern, a Tom Douglas restaurant with everything from burgers and ribs to shuffleboard and jello shots. At the end of the night, walk your date home or call them an Uber.

Weirdly specific? I know. But it worked for me and my last Tinder date in Seattle!

Valerie Stimac is a Seattle-based travel writer who met her boyfriend on Tinder almost 3 years ago. You can find her writing on Lonely Planet, AFAR, and Travel + Leisure, as well as her blog, Valerie & Valise.