Get tipsy at these 10 NYC wine tastings

Just because New York City isn't the middle of wine country doesn't mean you can't find delicious wine from all over the world right here. Year-round tasting events in the Big Apple give tourists and locals alike the chance to learn about and experience the rich cultures of some of the world's finest fermented grapes.

Several places in NYC even have wine tastings on multiple days throughout the month, but don't go too crazy. Pace yourself, and don't sip too much wine at once. It's alright to get a little tipsy, but try not to get kicked out of one of these wine tasting events in New York City.

GIPHY. Good wine, good time. Rest assured, the Big Apple's got the grapes.

1. Tastings at Columbia Wine Co.
End the week right with a free evening tasting of selections from distributors like Aviva and Opici at this Washington Heights wine and liquor store. Directions.

2. NY State of Rosé
One of the biggest New York City wine events of the spring season, NY State of Rose features wines from places as near as Long Island to as far as France. Directions.

3. Classic Harbor Line Wine Cruises
Don't lose your balance on Classic Harbor Line's wine cruises. It'll be a shame to spill a glass of wine overboard! Directions.

4. Tastings at Ninth Avenue Vinter
Take a trip around the world via sips of wines from various vineyards at Ninth Avenue Vinter's cozy wine tastings. Directions.

5. Big Apple Zinfandel Experience
If you're a fan of the zin, you'll thoroughly enjoy meeting creators of over 20 California zinfandel wines from vineyards like Terra d'Oro and Storrs. Directions.

6. Chelsea Wine Vault Tastings
Only the most valuable things live in vaults, and at Chelsea Wine Vault that is no exception. Free walk in tastings allow you to try a few wines before deciding which bottle (or bottles) you want to purchase. Directions.

7. Saturday Tastings at Italian Wine Merchants
Sit-down and walk around tastings at Italian Wine Merchants allow you to taste wines from all over Italy. You'll also get a discount on select wines after each event. Directions.

8. Pour Wine Tastings
Got the munchies? Find out which foods go best with your favorite wines at Pour's free tastings every Friday. Directions.

9. Institute of Culinary Education Spring Wine Social
Mingle with fellow connoisseurs at the Institute of Culinary Education while tasting 18 wines from a variety of regions. All wines are selected and presented by Wine For All's funnyman W. R. Tish. Directions.

10. Astor Wines Tastings
The free tastings schedule at Astor Wines features selections from Austria, Spain, Portugal, and more. Directions.

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