The single most gluttonous dish in San Diego is at Fat Sal's Deli

Meet the Big Fat Fatty from Fat Sal's Deli

Imagine the biggest, fattest and most insane sandwich ever known to man. Something that only a few men and women in the world are capable of consuming. It's a hefty pile of some of the best meats, carbs and cheeses known to man. Each bite has hundreds of calories and downing the whole thing might just make your heart go, "Nah, I'mma sit this one out." Three servings of these could probably cure world hunger.

Whatever you're picturing, it doesn't even come close to the Big Fat Fatty sandwich from Fat Sal's Deli.

We've never seen a picture of Fat Sal, but he probably got his namesake girth after just one hot and sweaty encounter with the Big Fat Fatty.

Grab a chair, do some internal stretching exercises (whatever that means) and prepare yourself. The Big Fat Fatty is a 27-inch hero slathered in garlic butter topped with cheese steak, multiple cheeseburgers, pastrami, chicken fingers, an entire package of crispy bacon, mozzarella sticks, basically an entire farm's worth of fried eggs, French fries, chili, marinara sauce and of course — signature fat sauce. We're not sure exactly what the fat sauce is, but just in case you're not fat enough already from the main ingredients, Fat Sal wants to make sure you embrace the lard extra hard. All this rings in at just $49.99 — health insurance not included.

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Patrons "enjoying" a Fat Fatty.

To date, less than a handful of people have successfully completed the Big Fat Fatty challenge, where you need to smash this ten to twelve pound beast down your pie hole in less than 40 minutes. Do this, and you'll have the honor of naming and creating a fat sandwich of your own on the restaurant's Fat Sandwich section. Hopefully you'll live long enough after eating this to enjoy your legendary sandwich, but Fat Sal likely isn't going to make any promises.

Fat Sal's is a no-frills venue with outdoor seating and snappy service. Large menus with detailed descriptions line the walls. It can get really busy, especially with drunks stumbling out of Pacific Beach bars, so your best bet is to go during a weekday lunch to avoid the lines. If you just want to be just fat and not super fat, there are more manageable items on the menu. By manageable we mean sandwiches that will still make you too full to function but at least you won't die.

Life is too short not to gorge on 27" of fat-soaked heaven. Get on with your bad self and head over to Fat Sal's and complete the challenge.

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