20 FOMO-worthy frozen treats you need to try in L.A.

I scream, you scream, we all scream because we know the hot summer days in L.A. are almost upon us and it's time for some ice cream. I'm not talking your ho-hum vanilla or even something "adventurous" like pistachio. No. This list will not only delight your sweet tooth but light up your Insta with the most FOMO-worthy frozen treats money can buy.

1. The Stinking Rose
Literally everything on the menu at the Stinking Rose has garlic, even the desserts. While it might seem far more logical to cleanse your palette with some mint chocolate chip after chowing down on garlic all night, no, go big or go home. Gilroy's Famous Garlic Ice Cream is the perfect way to complete a meal dedicated to the smelly bulb and almost certain to be like no ice cream you've had before.

2. Cotton Hi
You could put whipped cream and a cherry atop your swirl but that's so blah. At Cotton Hi you can pile your cup of soft serve high with 100% organic flavored cotton candy. If you're not feeling the fluff, you can also toss on any number of sweets from mangoes to cheesecake (or both at the same time). Sugar rush, hi!

3. Milk
The folks at Milk have elevated ice cream sandwiches from a picnic staple to a picnic delicacy. A heaping scoop of ice cream is sandwiched between two macarons. And that's not all. You want it dipped? They can do that. Do you want it dipped and then covered in fruity cereal? They can do that too. If you can dream it, you can have it.

Bonus: The utility box outside is a hot spot for local street artists. Sweet selfie, anyone?

4. Honeymee

The milk used to make the ice cream at Honeymee is from a family-owned, Kosher certified farm and the end product is sweet as can be. Their aptly named treat Honeymee is the bee's knees. It's a vanilla swirl topped with a 100% natural honeycomb chip dripping with honey. Oh! And, expect free cornflakes with your ice cream.

5. Mikawaya
If you've only ever had this Japanese treat from the frozen food section, you need to try it fresh. Mikawaya has the classic mochi ice cream as well as some more American faves like double chocolate, cookies and cream, and ripe strawberry. No matter your choice of flavor, the mochi dough is melt-in-your-mouth perfect.

6. Coolhaus
It's almost impossible to pick the most unique flavor at Coolhaus. Is it candy cap mushroom (made from actual mushrooms)? Is it fried chicken and waffles (with brown butter maple ice cream base, of course)? Is it potato latke and applesauce? You should probably try all 3, or any of the other dozens of flavors to find out.

7. Ihwamun
Ihwamun carries just about every flavor you could want, but the Korean ice cream flavors are the ones you need to try. They've got red bean, black sesame, honeydew, green plum, yakgwa, and roasted chestnut just to name a few. They've got a rotating selection of weekly flavors, too, so whether you're feeling grape nuts (yes, that's a real flavor) or coffee chip, there's something there for you.

8. Churro Borough
This place has loads of unique flavors like brown butter cookie sorbet and Spanish latte, so pick your favorite and prepare yourself for "The Original" Churro Ice Cream Sandwich. The Churro Borough's treat is a true one-of-a-kind. A big 'ol scoop of ice cream between two deep fried churro discs tossed in cinnamon sugar.

Pro tip: The icy sandwich is a hot commodity, get there early so it's not sold out.

9. Bennett's Ice Cream
Bennett's has the feel of an Anytown USA ice cream parlor. The kind you go to after winning the Little League ball game. One of their home runs for the grown ups in the crowd is their cabernet sauvignon sorbet. They've got plenty of good old-fashioned hand-dipped scoops for the younguns, too. Bring cash, they don't take cards (but do validate parking).

10. LA Rose Cafe


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On the dessert section of LA Rose Cafe's Pinoy Favorites is the Halo Halo special. What stands out the most is the ube, a bright purple ice cream made with purple yams. Yes, purple yams. The ice cream itself has a really mellow flavor, but the plethora of toppings put it over the edge.

11. Blast Ice Cream
This food truck's got the chillest treats on 4 wheels. Check their Instagram to catch where they'll be, and when you do, prepare to be amazed. With a little bit of liquid nitrogen and a little bit of cream they craft ice cream concoctions like a couple of wizards. If you're lucky, you might get to try some cereal frozen with liquid nitrogen. Do it, and exhale and pretend to be a dragon.

Extra extra: the owner's friendly dog is often milling about outside the truck.

12. Mashti Malone
Have you ever wonder what flowers would taste like as an ice cream? Wonder no more! Mashti Malone's is famous for its four or five ice creams flavored with rosewater. Their other big hit is a saffron-pistachio ice cream sandwich made with two thin wafers. They've got a lot of press as the best ice cream in L.A. Are they? You be the judge.

13. Scoop's
Before you hit Scoop's scope out their Facebook to see the flavors of the day. They're another one of L.A.'s flavor wizards, crafting combos beyond the wildest dreams of Baskin Robbins 31. But there's another layer to their awesomeness. It's their non-dairy ice cream. Gone are the days of the lactose intolerant settling for vanilla. Your day for coffee lavender and cashew Oreo has arrived!

14. The Waffle Hollywood
Waffle cones are great and all, but waffles are where it's at. Buried at the bottom of The Waffle Hollywood's menu is the waffle sundae, and it's a whopper. Waffles, sticky bun sauce, ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, sprinkles. It's the Disneyland of sundaes, the happiest one on Earth.

15. Saffron Spot
One of Little India's treasures, none of Saffron's made-from-scratch ice creams contain eggs. You can have your ice cream as is, in a variety of flavors you don't see so often stateside or, shake it up. Have your ice cream on a bed of noodles. Or maybe some malai gola (shaved ice with nuts)

16. Quenelle
There's a few unique ice cream sandwiches in L.A., but Quenelle features one that sounds like it's straight from a super classy carnival. How does a disc of ice cream between two funnel cakes sound? Kinda like you want to ride a ferris wheel afterward, right?

17. Matteo's Ice Cream and Fruit Bars
Cones are messy and sometimes you just don't to carry a cup. Never fear, Matteo's Ice Cream and Fruit Bars is here. The Spanish eatery features oodles of paletas and nievas in flavors like smoke milk, soursop, mango with chili, walnuts and yellow cherry.

18. Salt & Straw

Salt & Straw's scoops are a sweet mouthful, but every single flavor combo pays off. They cover all their bases, sweet and savory, with flavors ranging from silencio black tea and coconut stracciatella to black olive brittle and goat cheese. If you're looking for something a little more run of the mill, their double fold vanilla is excellent.

19. Ice Cream Lab
When I was a kid I liked to make wild ice cream concoctions. It pains me to say it, but the Ice Cream Lab has me beat on every level. Would I have ever thought of something like Beary Cinnful Horchata? A dreamy mix of horchata flavored ice cream, cinnamon teddy cookies and cinnamon sprinkled on top? I would not have. Well played, Ice Cream Lab, well played.

20. Creamistry
Science is so cool. At Creamistry, they realize that. Science met ice cream and yielded what might be the most customizable ice cream treat in L.A. Pick your 1 of 4 bases (they have dairy free), pick one of over 25 flavors for that base, and then pick from a ton of toppings. The possibilities are endless. They layer your Creation like a parfait so it's not just delicious, it's pretty!

Megan lives in Los Angeles and enjoys running and eating her way around the city. She's here to write, follow along on her website.