The most gluttonous dish in Columbus takes the burger to a whole new level

As a child, you always had your parents to keep you in check so you wouldn't gorge yourself to death on food. But as an adult, you have the right to eat yourself sick, and you need to seize that right at every given opportunity.

Whether you live in or are simply visiting Columbus, Ohio, you are not taking full advantage of your adult rights if you don't stop by Thurman Cafe. But don't let the cafe part of the name fool you. The last things you'll find at this famous eatery are cups of coffee and petite pastries.

Nick Sudescy opened the Thurman Cafe in 1942, and it quickly became a mainstay of the German Village neighborhood. The restaurant has remained in the family over the years, and is well-known as the home of some of the best burgers in Columbus.

The Thurman Cafe is the place where you can find what is arguably the most gluttonous dish in the entire city: The Thurmanator burger. This ginormous tower of culinary perfection gained worldwide fame after it was featured on an episode of the popular television series Man vs. Food.

James Yeo/Flickr

Let's set the stage for this magnificent creation. A pickle spear and a serving of fries surround the plate, but you may not be able to see them over the towering 2-pound burger in front of your face. Now here's a rundown of the burger itself. From bottom to top, you've got a bun, mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickles, banana peppers, one 12-ounce burger, bacon, cheddar, yet another 12-ounce burger, sautéed mushrooms and onions, ham, mozzarella, and American cheese, all topped off with one final bun.

James Yeo/Flickr

If you thought that was a mouthful, just wait until you actually take a bite of the Thurmanator. In the unlikely chance that you manage to finish the entire thing, you probably won't feel like eating again for a solid month. But hey, at least you'll save money on groceries that way.

The Thurmanator isn't the only burger offered at the Thurman Cafe. So if you don't feel like putting away multiple pounds of meat and cheese, you can stick to the equally savory Jack Cheese burger or A-1 burger. Not in the burger mood? Thurman Cafe also has loaded fries, hot wings, and pizza thins...perhaps the only thin thing you'll find at this headquarters for gluttony.

Want to see how a real-life human handles the Thurmanator? Catch the video below to watch an Ohio State cheerleader tackle it like a champ.

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