How to have a "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" in Phoenix

Spring has officially arrived in Phoenix. We've survived the onslaught of sub 70 degree weather. We've shed our light jackets in favor of shorts and flip flops. We've flooded patios around the Valley in search of refreshing margaritas. Yes, things are good in Phoenix. But how to make the most of spring? Luckily, there's one man who laid out the guidebook to the ultimate spring day - Ferris Bueller. If '80s movies have taught me anything, it's that Ferris Bueller holds the key to life's toughest questions. In honor of spring, I've taken a page out of Ferris's book and laid out instructions for the ultimate day off. Because, you know, life moves pretty fast.

Drive in style

Ferris famously drove around in Cameron's dad's red 1961 Ferrari. While you may not have access to that sort of car, you can still start your day off by driving in style. Head to Phoenix International Raceway and you can ride shot gun in a real NASCAR race car. You can hit top speeds on a three or six lap ride along with a racing instructor. If you want to get behind the wheel instead, head to Octane Raceway for some high-speed go kart racing.

Hike Camelback Mountain

If you want to go full Bueller, you have to take in some sights. Chicago native Ferris went to the Sears Tower to kick off his day of sightseeing. Sadly, Phoenix's architectural accomplishments pale in comparison. Our most notable structure is the Cardinals stadium and that's because it looks like a giant toaster. However, we have something Chicago doesn't - mountains. To see the sights, you'll have to conquer Camelback Mountain's Echo Canyon Trail. The brutal 2.5 mile hike has a 1,300 foot elevation change and the best views in the city.

Grab a Patio Lunch

Chicago may have the sausage king, Abe Froman, but Phoenix has the Barrio Queen. Ferris and friends went to a swanky French restaurant, but let's be real. Phoenix is all about the Mexican food. Head to Old Town Scottsdale and grab a patio lunch to take in some sunshine and tacos. You can grab a monstrous burrito at Barrio Queen, chimichanga at Frank & Lupe's, or go rogue and get Brussel sprout nachos with your tacos at Diego Pops. Tacos, tequila, and tamales? Take that, Chicago!

Hit a spring training game

There's nothing quite like spring training. You can sunbathe, eat ridiculous amounts of concession food, and savagely heckle players that make an error. You can channel your inner Ferris by watching the Cubs play at Sloan Park. The defending champs draw the biggest crowds hell-bent on a meaningless victory. Seriously, the games don't matter, Cubs fans. If Cubs fan's aren't your bag, there's plenty of other parks you can check out to get a taste of the Cactus League.

Take in some culture

Don't believe those Californians that claim Phoenix has no culture. Our city is chock-full of museums that can make you look sophisticated. You too can have an introspective moment like Cameron did at the Art Institute of Chicago. You can see classic paintings at the Phoenix Art Museum, interactive exhibits at the Arizona Science Center, or musical displays at the Musical Instrument Museum.

Don't commandeer a float

Skip this step. Seriously. It's not the '80s anymore. You will be arrested.

Hit the pool

Ferris, Cameron, and Sloan ended their epic day poolside. Pools are pretty much everywhere in Phoenix. It's the only thing that keeps us locals alive in the summer. You can end your day poolside as well by hitting the WET Pool Deck at the W Scottsdale. This is a prime spot for happy hour. There's cabanas, appetizers, and drinks that will help you have the perfect sendoff to your legendary day.

John Kuells is a Phoenix native and freelance writer. When not living out his dream of being Ferris Bueller, he can be found writing for his blog The Book of Kuells.