How to spend the ultimate spring day in Miami

Miami's version of spring is almost on its way.

Our version of the transition season between winter and summer are much different from other parts of the country. For many, spring is the season where people rejoice in the coming of warmth and sunshine, many around these parts mourn because we know what lurks around the corner: killer heat and humidity.

So spring is like a funeral for many Miamians, saying goodbye to the comfortable months of winter and preparing ourselves for the onslaught of heat and tropical humidity not felt anywhere else in the country. But just because our comfortable season is about to end doesn't mean that we can't enjoy spring. In fact, let us give you a guide on how to spend the ultimate spring day in Miami.

Soak in the Miami Beach vibe

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Coming to Miami and not visiting Miami Beach is something only Floridians do because we know what to expect on the "other side of the bridge."

But for those coming here on vacation looking to experience a tropical spring, you can't come to the Magic City and not spend time on South Beach. There is a tremendous wealth of clubs, bars, restaurants, and shopping, most of which you can't find anywhere in our neck of the nation.

Is Miami Beach expensive? You bet your life it is, and, most of the time you will be browsing because you have to. But the Miami Beach vibe is unmaskable, and it's the primary reason why you should dedicate some time to this strip of impossibly beautiful people and haughtiness.

Tour the Vizcaya


Spring is the time when the dreaded tropical heat and humidity begin to make a comeback to sprawling Miami-Dade County, but you can still squeeze in a few comfortable days before it arrives. So why don't you take advantage of the time and tour this beautiful home and gardens?

The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens sits just south of the glittering skyscrapers of downtown on Deering Channel, but it seems like a place removed from the 24/7 hustle and bustle of the Magic City. The Spanish-styled home is simply gorgeous, and the gardens surrounding it will yield unrelenting beauty.

Trust us, this isn't your boring house tour. This is a place where you will see the beauty of Miami and its architecture.

Take a swim in the Venetian Pool

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Once you're done escaping the bustle of Miami at the Vizcaya, it will be warm enough for you to take a dip in the pool.

You can go to any one of the numerous city or county pools, or, you can be daring and make a trip to Coral Gables, which is home to the Venetian Pool. Created in 1923 out of a former coral rock quarry, this 820,000-gallon pool is fed with spring water, and is unlike any pool you have ever seen. With tropical waterfalls and royal palms framing the Spanish-styled beach house, this is a pool that you should visit just to admire its unique and stunning beauty.

Shopping, shopping, and more shopping

Flickr/Lord is Good

Miami is a city where you're going to max out your credit cards and overdraft your bank accounts real quick.

That's because, if you love to shop, you will be in retail heaven.

Few cities in America are blessed with the shopping scene that Miami offers. If you want a neighborhood where you can stroll from store-to-store, Miami Beach's Washington Avenue and Lincoln Road and Miami's Design District is where you want to be. Love malls? Miami has a gold-plated collection of them, from the sprawling Aventura Mall (Florida's largest shopping palace, mind you) to the uber-upscale nature of Bal Harbour Shops and Coral Gable's Shops at Merrick Park, among others.

Heck, you can even find bargains here, from the ultimate outlet experience of Dolphin Mall to the Florida Keys Outlet Marketplace in Florida City. Whatever your heart (and wallet) desires, you shall seek and find this spring in Miami.

End your spring day by partying the night away

Flick/Eustquio Santimano

This city is known the world over as the place to party the night away. You can throw a rock in this town and probably hit about four clubs, eight bars, and a number of backyard parties that will be happening on any given weekend in the Magic City.

Miami is a place to party, and you will have a ton, and we mean a ton, of options. Everyone knows of the ultra clubs of South Beach, but downtown also possesses a scene that rivals their neighbors on the Beach, plus, those clubs are open 24/7!

If you're a bar person, make your way to the bar scenes of Coconut Grove, Wynwood, and Washington Avenue. One aspect of Miami's nightlife that you should get to know is its hotel bar scene, which, to put it nicely, is equal to none. From the swankiness of the Rose Bar at The Delano Hotel to the drop dead beautiful views of downtown Miami at Club 50 at The Viceroy, Miami's hotel bar scene is one to truly behold this spring.

In fact, its entire nightlife arena will be something to experience during the "Great Time of Weather Peace," as when May hits, you will be sweating it out on the dance floor, literally.

That, my friends, is the ultimate perfect spring day in Miami.

Kareem Gantt is a journalist who loves living in Florida. If you want to see what's on his mind 24/7, follow him on Twitter.