5 strange yet totally awesome spa treatments in Denver

After traveling to Denver, many may feel exhausted from the altitude change or just from getting lost in Denver International Airport (seriously our airport is that big and that confusing). Instead of heading straight to the mountains or straight to your conference meeting downtown, hit up a local spa to get a little weird in the Mile High City. Denver may not be known as the city with the best spa day, but it is known for its craft beer and its sticky icky (that's marijuana for all you non-stoners), both of which have crept into the spa scene in a surprisingly good way. If beer- and weed-infused spa treatments don't make you say "wow," maybe the other unique treatments on this list will give you a shock.

1. Breast Milk Facial at Mud Facial Bar
Don't be a baby - just allow your face to get nourished like one at Mud Facial Bar in Boulder. Okay, you will have to drive out of Denver into Boulder, which is only a 30-minute drive, to receive a facial with the liquid gold that is breast milk. Who hasn't wanted skin as smooth as a baby's? Real human breast milk is seriously used in this facial from mothers that exclusively eat organic products (now that's top-of-the-line milk!). It's a facial in Boulder, so would you expect anything less than fully organic products when it comes to this hippy happy town?

2. Mile High Massage at Lodo Massage Studio
Feel a mile high with a Mile High Massage that incorporates THC-infused lotions at Lodo Massage Studio. THC is the active chemical in marijuana, but don't worry you won't truly get high (shucks!) from this massage since the psychoactive elements are removed from the lotion. But you will feel super relaxed and your muscles will be happy that you indulged in some of Colorado's famous green goodness.

3. Mile High Malt Scrub & Microbrew Massage at the Ritz-Carlton
Are you the kind of person that likes to unwind with a cold brew at the end of the day? Well this spa ex-beer-ience at Denver's Ritz-Carlton is just the treatment for you. Known as the Microbrew Ex'beer'ience, this spa treatment uses Great Divide Brewing Company's two brews, Samurai Rice Ale and Yeti Imperial Stout, to treat your skin. You're probably thinking that this spa is drunk for even thinking about rubbing beer foam on your body parts, but apparently, it's just the kind of thing your body needs. And don't worry, not all the beer is wasted on the outside of your body; you get to satisfy your insides with a brew at the end of your treatment.

4. Blood Facial at Body Massage Center
Tap into your inner vampire with this facial that uses your own blood, known as the Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Facial at the Body Massage Center. Apparently, your gothic side and your skin will love this bloody experience. Without going into too much gory detail, this non-invasive procedure uses your blood's platelets to reduce the signs of aging. Bloody hell!

5. Platza Treatment at Banya Spa
Many massages use oils derived from eucalyptus, but how many actually use real branches and leaves from the eucalyptus plant? At Banya Spa, the Platza Treatment smothers the body with dried leaves. Now you don't even have to go camping to be covered in leaves; you can become a dirty hippy in just one spa treatment! In all seriousness, branches from eucalyptus, oak and birch are used to open the sinus cavities and even soothe muscle and joint pain.

Madison is a freelance writer living near Denver that enjoys a good spa day, even the weird ones. Find her on Instagram @madidragna