How to eat, drink and root for the Nats on opening day in Washington, D.C.

Baseball: America's favorite pastime. And where better to watch this sport than in the nation's capital? Seriously, it's the most American thing in the most American place.

The Nationals, or Nats, open the season on April 3, 2017, against Miami at 1:05 p.m at Nats Park. And if that sentence didn't excite you, you're probably one of the million people that don't actually like baseball.

Don't worry, I was one of those people. The idea of staying until the bottom of the ninth was on par with watching paint dry. But then I learned the secret to baseball is greasy food and a LOT of beer, and with these few easy tips, you too can have some serious Natitude. You just have to make sure to cover your bases this opening day (though applicable for any/all Nats games).

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First Base: Get a brat at Top of The Yard
Grab a pre-game meal with a view at Top of the Yard. Either arrive early or call for reservations. This rooftop restaurant has a beautiful 360 view looking into Nats Park, and delicious 'dogs and beers. The ballpark inspired food will get you in the mood for a good game and be sure to get a good Instagram in case you lose signal in the stadium.

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Second Base: Drinks at the Bullpen
Yup, that's right, the Bullpen is back for one last year. This amazing outdoor venue is key to having the best baseball experience. Why? A) Admission is free. B) There are frozen Red Bull Vodkas strong enough to make you like baseball. C) There is cornhole. D) Live music. Load up on some adult beverages and head into the game.

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Third Base: Grab some gear at the team store
How will people know you like the Nats without rocking a nice baseball hat? Even though the W looks a bit like the Walgreen logo, you still must show your pride. Not a hat person? Shot glasses are very cheap and a good souvenir.

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Fourth Base: Bet on the Racing Presidents
Cheer on the mystery new racing president during the fourth inning. This iconic event features George, Tom, Abe, Teddy and Bill and a mysterious 2017 president that will debut this spring. The giant figureheads race from center field to first base and it's awesome. Bet on who will win, who will fall over and cheer on your POTUS.

Kirsten Ballard has lived in D.C. for the past two years. She prepares for Nats games with frozen drinks, hot dogs and always cheers for Lincoln to win the president's race.