10 places to go in Columbus while the OSU kids are away

For better or worse, Columbus is a college city, and there's no way around it. We love our THE Ohio State Buckeyes and we love all the awesome cultural events that come our way thanks to Columbus being a smart literary and technology hub — in large part thanks to OSU. That said, if you're over the age of 24, you might get a little worn out by the near-constant presence of college kids in our great city. The good news is things get a little quieter during times like spring break. Here are some things you can do in Columbus during times like those, so take advantage of them while the undergrads are away. (They're also great if you're an undergrad who decided to hang in Columbus instead of shill out for tickets to Cabo.)

The Lennox Cup O' Joe (1791 Olentangy River Road)
Maybe you've noticed that the Cup O' Joe at the Lennox is constantly packed. Know that spring break is your week to go here to get some writing done.

Blue Danube (2439 N. High Street)
Like its neighbors, this amazing dive is almost never not being invaded by a bar crawl. Get some peace and quiet during break at the 'Dube, which originally opened in 1940. If you're a baller, live out my dream and order the fanciest thing on the menu — the Dube Dinner Deluxe, aka, a bottle of Dom Perignon served with two grilled cheese sandwiches, for $175.

Hangover Easy (1646 Neil Street)
This brunch place is much-loved, but hot damn, is it annoyingly popular. Stake out a spot while you can and take advantage of an undergrad-light crowd during break. Despite its name's implications, we hear good things about the Dirty Sanchez.

The Gateway (1550 N High Street)
Going to see anything on opening weekend is tough, but it's even harder at the Gateway during any given semester. Go sit in the dark for a couple hours and forget it's "spring" in Ohio.

Newport Music Hall (1722 N High St)
This is also a great time to catch a show at the Newport. It's an amazing venue, and if the kids are away, you can be that person who manages to sneak all the way up to the front instead of them.

Buckeye Donuts (1998 N High Street)
This 24-hour donut shop is a campus institution, but now's a great time to go get the best baked goods without having to get up super early.

The Thompson Library (1858 Neil Avenue Mall)
Even though students are out, the gorgeous Thompson Library, overlooking the Oval, is still open. Who cares if you feel like a nerd hanging out in a library during spring break? Make like Hermione Granger and finally get dibs on the best seats, ain't no shame.

Hampton's on King (234 King Avenue)
I haven't been to Hampton's personally, but I hear it's usually full of the college-age crowd. Hit me up if you want to split some mac n' cheese balls while the getting's good during break.

Ray Ray's Hog Pit (2619 N High Street)
We got word that break is the best time to visit this BBQ joint because there won't be a throng of people at nearby Ace of Cups. No throng, aka, no line for delicious, melt-in-your-mouth pulled pork. Get to it.

Old North Arcade (2591 N High Street)
A friend told me she flat-out refuses to go near here when school is in. That means when the kids are away, the 30-somethings can play... NBA Jam, that is. Grab a cocktail and some quarters and don't feel like you need to give up your spot in front of Mortal Kombat II. (I call dibs on being Jade.)

Go forth and enjoy avoiding spring break!

Meryl Williams is an Ohio-based writer who loves Rilo Kiley and roller derby. Sign up for her awesome TinyLetter.