Spring alive and enjoy flowers, food, and music in Atlanta

Springtime is one of the most joyous events Mother Nature throws at us. Once we get over that dreadful lost hour of the "spring forward" time change, it's time to get our groggy selves out of hibernation and say hello to the sunshine man. I know weekends are for sleeping in, but we want you to heed our advice for this full and glorious day of flowers, food, art, music, and hey, don't forget the wine.

Atlanta Botanical Garden
Start your outing with a morning walk into the colors of Candyland. Grab a garden map so you don't miss a thing, as the Atlanta Botanical Garden is literally vibrating with color in the spring. Prepare yourself for thousands of blooming flowers featuring all your favorite spring colors. Vibrant tulips reach up to the sun showing off their bold colors of purple, red and yellow while subtle sunshiny daffodils in yellow and white fill meadows and fields. Follow your nose to the fragrant bell-shaped hyacinth and sit down for a bit and inhale the nose-tickling aroma.

Front Page News for Brunch

Meeka Cook

Brunch is a beautiful thing, made even more amazing after a brisk walk through the park. A mere four miles from the park will bring you to the Little Five Points area, where you will love the Front Page News for brunch. Don't you dare go inside! Ask for the table out on the patio bar just beside the tiered fountain. This New Orleans style fare will kick you solid into spring joy with just the right amount of spicy deliciousness. Your Cajun craving will love the poached eggs with Creole hollandaise or the shrimp & crawfish omelet.

Graffiti Fun Photo Shoot in Little Five Points
Full now, go home. Not so fast, my friends. The beauty of Little Five Points resides in the unique and freaky art that graces the walls and the alleyways. It is full of graffiti genius and a great back drop for some fun photos. It's spring, so enjoy art outside the confines of stuffy museum walls. The art of Little Five Points is flirty, fun and fantastic. Go on a graffiti treasure hunt and you will have a day filled with surprises.

Sweet Auburn Curb Market
US President Bill Clinton talks with unidentifiedJOYCE NALTCHAYAN via Getty Images

Did I tell you this is a full day of fun? Go ahead and take a little break if you want, but we're only at the half-way point. The next event is to stop by the Sweet Auburn Curb Market and pick up all the wonderful things you will eat and drink at the open air concert in Chastain Park tonight. From burritos to soul food, you will have no problem finding all the fixings for a fabulous concert picnic. They also have amazing raw juices and a bakery or two. This market is open until 6 p.m.

Chastain Park Amphitheater
Don't forget the tablecloth and the fancy table ware or your neighbor just may kick you out of town. Chastain Park concerts are all about the full experience. Listen to some remarkable music like John Legend or the Gypsy Kings while feasting on your favorite finger food and pairing it with some delicious wine. You're allowed to bring a cooler, a blanket, and some tray tables if you don't opt in for the table seating.

What a glorious spring day in Atlanta. Now that you have come officially out of hibernation, get ready for a string of sunny days exploring and learning all the nooks and crannies of the city.

Meeka Anne is revisiting her childhood stomping grounds in Atlanta where she grew up. She writes for several lifestyle magazines and has authored two books.