5 NYC pizza slices big enough to wear

That's right: another pizza list. Pizza is the ultimate comfort food, sauced with nostalgia and baked in sentimentality. You remember your first slice. (Be honest, it was probably Domino's.) But do you remember your BIGGEST slice? The two-hander? The one that you could probably wear, if push came to shove? Well, New York is the home of quite a few monster slices. So, make room for some new memories — and A LOT of mozzarella.

Joe's Pizza, West Village
If you don't know Joe's, now you know, honey. Joe's is the quintessential New York slice. Why? Because it's big and it's consistent. In a place as busy as Manhattan, that's the goal: avoid disappointment by wrapping yourself up in the love of baked dough, tomato sauce, and cheese. That's a lot of amore.

Koronet Pizzeria, Morningside Heights
Let's talk about the uptown pizza that'll funk you up. Imagine an old school cafeteria tray. Now imagine that tray covered in pizza. But not like, a bunch of slices — one slice. The Koronet jumbo slice. Wouldn't high school have been more tolerable if you has the promise of a small sled of pizza to look forward to every day?

Artichoke Basille's Pizza, East Village
You ever try to stack three slices of pizza on top of each other and eat it like a pizza club? No? Well, now you don't have to — because Artichoke Pizza has done all the heavy lifting for you. And I do mean heavy. Grab the namesake artichoke slice and embrace that small choke around your arteries.

Sal & Carmine's Pizza, Manhattan Valley
Wherever there's pizza, there's never a Sal or Carmine too far away. And here both of 'em are. They've been turning out classic thin-crust slices since 1959. There's no muss, no fuss, and no generic mush. This is the real-deal slice that'll fit like a glove, that's the size of a sweater, that tastes like pepperoni.

Roberta's, Williamsburg
Okay, for this one, you need to slightly adjust your definition of a slice. Let's just pretend you're in the market for pizza and a whole pie is too much and a personal pie is not enough. Enter: Roberta's. Grab one of these pies and die happy.

Nikki Palumbo is a comedy writer and one-quarter pizza.