Get your taco on in Kansas City

Kansas City's Southwest Boulevard is Kansas City's "Vegas Strip" of Mexican food, and tacos are the one armed bandits that allow you to walk, drink, ride your bike if you're brave, and be quick and mobile in a way that no other food does. A street taco is probably the best way to fulfill this single-handed feat, and "The Boulevard" is the best place in KC to get your taco fix. You can walk, you can bike, you can skateboard, you can unicycle or you can just shimmy your ass down to The Boulevard to get a handful or two of the best tacos in KC from a local legend and a handful of less known, but killer taco joints.

Ponak's is KC royalty on the taco scene. It may not be the best or most authentic, but it is the king in terms of name recognition. I think Ponak's is pretty damn good, personally, as years of their tacos and margs have yet to fail to leave me feeling good. This might not be small town Mexican authentic, but it's damn fine food for damn cheap. Ponak's is going to get the job done on taco Tuesday, or any day of the week with no frills comfort Mexican. They make a mean ass margarita too. You better be boozin' if you're hitting up the Boulevard for a taco hop, and Ponak's is a great place to have a taco in one hand and a beer or margarita in the other for the first stop of the day. My personal choice is the Taco Sonora and its combination of shredded beef and a deep fried tortilla to keep it warm and extra not healthy, which we all know means delicious.

Rico's Tacos Lupe
Straight up street tacos at Rico's, which means they are small and cheap. They're also friggin' delicious, especially at only $1.50 a pop and $1.00 on Tuesdays. Rico's isn't fancy, and depending on when you go you might find yourself jockeying for space with a guy in horned rim glasses and skinny jeans, but it's still worth it. Al pastor and carne asada are killer, and I'm a sucker for chorizo, so I actually like the small size. More meat to eat! Rico's is a great place to walk, pick up a bag of three or four tacos and then keep on walking. Find some steps or a bench, crack open that brown bag of tacos, crack open a brown bag of Tecate and have a nice little party for one before hitting the pavement for the next stop.

Tacos El Gallo
At Tacos El Gallo, the first question you will probably ask yourself is "where the hell is it?" even if you have the address. It is a hole in a hole in the wall. These are true street tacos, and it's reflected in the simple but fantastically cooked meats: pastor, carne asada, tripe, lengua (yeah, they have the good weird stuff) and some other standards. The staff is friendly AF, and if your biggest gripe is that it's hard to find because it's inside a small market, then maybe you should walk your ass over to Taco Bell. One of the biggest selling points for Tacos El Gallo is that I can't think of a time I was in there where there was more English being spoken than Spanish. People who want a taste of their culture tend to be pretty good at finding the places that do it best, and Tacos El Gallo is doing something really damn good in that little space.

Margarita's is another KC institution that a lot of people want to bag on because it's been around for so long. THAT'S A GOOD SIGN, especially on a place like Southwest Boulevard where you literally can't walk more than 50 feet without passing a place that serves tacos. I will not apologize for Margarita's being a gentrified, full-scale restaurant that isn't a shit hole. It isn't a hole in the wall taqueria, but the stuff it's putting out is a great consistent arsenal of happy Taco Tuesday fare that will keep your bike ride rolling, your family happy, and in this case, your taco walk walking.

El Pueblito
El Pueblito has bomb ass street tacos, but I'm putting them on the list for one of the most killer happy hours, or sets of happy hours, on the Boulevard. Two Patron margs for $9.00? Yeah, I'm on board. The tacos are legit too. They are definitely of the street variety. There are a lot of whiners on various reviews sites who complain about the size and lack of dressing on the tacos, but there are plenty of options. This isn't Tex-Mex either, so you're not getting a 15 pound burrito, refried beans, rice or anything with a little Mexican flag on a toothpick stuck in it. Hit one of the two happy hours, 3:00-7:00 pm or 10:00 pm-midnight, and get all the tacos you can, along with some killer margaritas for less than $20.00.

If it comes in a tortilla, can be eaten with one hand and is served on Southwest Boulevard in Kansas City, Drew has probably eaten it. Come take a taco walk and find out if your favorites measure up.