Choose your style - bachelorette party weekend in Atlanta

If you're planning a full weekend of fun for your best friend's bachelorette party, think about what really defines her. Often, when people think bachelorette parties, they think tiaras, lots of shots, and maybe a guy taking his shirt off. However, the truth is when it comes to that last evening out with your girlfriends as a single woman, one size does not fit all. Does she love to get wild and crazy? Is she an artist at heart? Does she love a good punch line? No matter what makes your bestie all grins and giggles, don't worry – this list covers all bases.

The two most important things to consider for your hotel pick are mouth-watering, jaw-dropping room service breakfasts, and of course an over-the-top spa experience.
Mandarin Oriental
The spa at this hotel is top of the line. Be a Southern belle and try the Peaches 'n Cream massage. It is pure bliss.
Start your day out with a Georgian Benedict with fried green tomatoes and toasted cornbread. Now that is what the south is all about.

Frogmore Restaurant In BostonBoston Globe via Getty Images

The Dinners
For dinner, choose a place with a divine wine list and an amazing chef. Also, you'll have more fun in a low-key atmosphere.
Ford Fry's The Optimist
Ford Fry is a well-known celebrity chef in Atlanta. The menu here is an extravaganza of delicious seafood. Try fresh oysters from Alabama or whole roasted Georgia trout.
Gun Show
The casual atmosphere here will instantly relax you. While you hang at your table, chefs roll dim sum style carts covered with an assortment of delectable menu items. Pick and choose whatever strikes your fancy.

A couple enjoying raw oystersGetty Images

The Main Event
This is where the personality comes in. You know your friend better than anyone and you'll know how to pick the perfect place for the main event.

The Party Girl
If your friend is all in with outrageous, impetuous and downright full on party-fun, then a raucous dance club or drag club show could make her night something she will always remember or try to forget.
Lips Atlanta
Nothing like a drag queen show for a fun night out. Chandeliers, disco balls, pink décor and a rowdy show will have you and your friends laughing until your jaw hurts.
Tongue and Groove
Kick off your heels and dance until you drop at this renowned party venue. Plenty of VIP features are available, including private tables with bottle service.

party lights disco ballnikkytok

The Entertainer
Does your friend appreciate a great joke or love to get on stage and croon her favorite classic songs? If so, a comedy club or karaoke bar will have her either laughing out loud or lighting her star power.
Laughing Skull
If the bride-to-be enjoys a good fully belly laugh, try this comedy club. This venue has a small intimate setting that may just give you the opportunity to embarrass one of your group.
Karaoke Melody
Rent a private room at Karaoke Melody and your group can belt out all your favorite tunes that will rekindle all of your treasured girlfriend memorable moments.

Art Lover
Does your friend get a dreamy look on her face when she looks at a Monet or a Picasso? If so, bring her out to a museum or a painting class.
High Museum of Art
Get inspired at the High Museum of Art. Check their calendar as they often have fun evening events.
Brush Painting Lounge
There is nothing like a little wine to get your creative game on. Paint and sip until you create a masterpiece.

Getting a closer look at the

Mystery Lover
When you visit your girlfriend, is her nightstand piled high with murder mystery novels? Does a conundrum get her excited? The mystery lover might enjoy a sleuth evening or a bar that needs a secret passcode to enter.
The Dinner Detective Interactive Murder Mystery Show
This show allows you to include a member of your party into the show. Now that would be a great surprise for the girls.
Red Phone Booth
Feeling special is what a bachelorette party is all about. Get the secret code to enter the Red Phone Booth. It is a prohibition era speakeasy with a private backroom. Go ahead and be bold with your girlfriends and try a cigar and ask Bob to make you a smoked Old Fashioned.

Your marriage bound friend will love that you thoughtfully planned her bachelorette soiree to fit her personal style. After all, only a bestie knows our true personality!

Meeka Anne is revisiting her childhood stomping grounds in Atlanta where she grew up. She writes for several lifestyle magazines and has authored two books.