The buffa-low down: 5 Washington, D.C. places to try buffalo chicken (no wings)

Buffalo chicken is the best way to flavor chicken in the world. It's an incredible appetizer, so you have to wonder, why does it always have to be eaten in the form of wings? There's so much more to this food. My entire life goal is finding new ways to eat buffalo chicken. The possibilities are endless. Try these five amazing buffalo chicken creations while in D.C.
1. Enjoy a rustic twist at Ventnor
Buffalo chicken dip usually evokes chips, men in jerseys and cheap beer. At Ventnor, that's not the case. The creamy dip is served with artisanal bread and large chunks of bleu cheese. The bread is the ideal vessel for transporting large amounts of dip into your mouth and it feels a little more upscale.

2. Get dipping at Buffalo Billiards
Split an appetizer of buffalo chicken dip as you rack up a game of billiards. This basement bar is the premiere place to catch a game. It's a rowdy bar with ski ball, darts and lots of table games. The dip here is the perfect size for snacking, and it's served with salty tortilla chips. Bleu cheese is crumbled on top and it and it tastes like Super Bowl Sunday.

3. Load it up at Greene Turtle
Usually I strive to not include chains while bragging about the food scene in D.C. However, the Greene Turtle has out-of-this-world buffalo chicken nachos. The fun and festive green corn chips are loaded with spicy buffalo chicken, bleu cheese, carrots and cucumbers. Each bite is heaven. The restaurant has its own private entrance to the Verizon Center, making it an ideal snacking spot before a sports game or Adele concert.

4. Have a slice of the good stuff at Wiseguys
Buffalo chicken pizza--need I say more? Take a break from sports at Wiseguys near the Verizon Center. These jumbo slices have alternating stripes of bleu cheese and spicy buffalo chicken. It's so pretty that you should probably Instagram it before digging in. Enjoy a slice on the patio and unwind.

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5. Wrap it up at Mackey's
Is all this talk of dip making you feel unhealthy? Head to Mackey's Pub House, where you'll have a garden wrap featuring spicy buffalo chicken nestled in a sun-dried tomato tortilla. This bar serves as the headquarters for the American Outlaws, a fun group of U.S. Men's soccer nuts, so you can chant U-S-A as you eat.

Kirsten Ballard has lived in D.C. for the past two years. She prepares for Nats games with frozen drinks, hot dogs and always cheers for Lincoln to win the president's race.