Go nuts for donuts on this L.A. food tour

Homer Simpson loves them. They're great with coffee. They can be sweet, they can be savory. They're donuts. You probably loved them as a kid, but you can appreciate them on a new level now. The classic cake with vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles might still be close to your heart, but you need to make room for the "O" so delicious donuts on this food tour.

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If you love watching food shows, you've probably heard this place mentioned once or twice. It's the brainchild of Nancy Truman and Waylynn Lucas. Their fonuts (don't call them donuts) are unique. They're either baked or steamed, never fried and have more gluten free and vegan options than anywhere that's not a specialty store. The care they take managing customer food restrictions is commendable, but their flavors are what are truly blue-ribbon. From the classic and my personal favorite the cinnamon sugar to the crazy chorizo cheddar, picking just one is impossible, so have two or three. Another stand out: the vanilla latte donut. Why have coffee and a donut when your coffee is your donut?

Bob's Coffee and Doughnuts
Bob's Coffee and Doughnuts has been an L.A. staple since 1947. Now, they're serving up classics along with donuts that'll make your sweet tooth sing with glee. One of my coworkers brought in some and I chowed down on one that was glazed in buttermilk frosting and dotted with mini M&M's. For a minute I could've sworn I was 12 years old and watching Saturday morning cartoons on a cold autumn day. Almost like magic, Bob's donuts always seem to be fresh out of the oven, so go often, try everything, and get ready to taste what donuts were meant to taste like.

SK Donuts and Croissants
These donuts are not your average Joe(nuts). SK Donuts and Croissants feature some flavors that'll make your inner child jump for joy. No topping is too much. The've got Fruity Pebbles, Oreos, mini M&M's, and red velvet cake crumbles affixed to the tops of their flaky wonders with oozy frosting. Have you ever wanted a donut sandwich filled with dulce de leche? Maybe not, but you must have at least one if you're here. Sheer perfection. They've also got that NYC fave Skronuts. Same treat different spelling. And they have mastered the recipe. It's flaky, it's light, it's got beautiful layers. I feel like a judge on a food show but it's all true.

If you're a fan of classic donuts and want to try out a West Coast staple, Winchell's is your dream come true. Remember the math problems in school when you were asked "If Bobby has five kinds of cheese and four kinds of crackers, how many combinations can he make?" It's like that here but with donuts. Cake, yeast raised, wheat, filled, or French style with almost any flavored frosting or glaze topped with sugar, sprinkles, or coconut. The list goes on and on. But what separates Winchell's from your average shop are its licuados (Mexican smoothies). If you thought coffee was good with donuts, try it with one of those fruit smoothies. You might just find a new favorite.

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Cofax Coffee Shop
These guys are renowned for their draft Kombucha, but Cofax should get more cred for their donuts. Their maple bacon donut is crazy rich and on Instagram they claim it's a #hangovercure. I'm getting too old to risk having a hangover so I can't attest to its truth, but if I had to guess I'd say they're right. Also on the menu is a coconut horchata donut, which is just the right amount of sweet. There are a lot of super sugary donuts on this list, but Cofax's fare is more subtle. Their donuts are yeast raised and the proof of their perfection of proofing is in the light beige ring in the middle. It's an external sign of internal perfection. Always soft but never chewy. Their brew of choice is Stumptown so if coffee's your jam, this is the place to get it.

Megan lives in Los Angeles and enjoys running and eating her way around the city. She's here to write, follow along on her website.