5 of the biggest Denver cocktails to share with your squad

There just isn't a better way to start your Denver trip than a big bucket (or punch bowl) of booze.
Well maybe there is a better way to ring in Denver but it sure won't be as sweet and alcoholic as these big and bad drinks listed below. Grab a friend or two (or five) to help you finish these monstrous concoctions that are carefully crafted for the whole squad. Get your arm workout in while getting your party on if you take the term "bottoms up" literally with these buckets and punch bowls. Do you even lift [your drink], bro?

1. Adrift Tiki Bar & Grill
If a tropical paradise is what you're yearning for, then you probably went to the wrong city. But feel like you're in the middle of a luau catered with a boat-load of booze by indulging in a shareable cocktail from Adrift Tiki Bar & Grill. The group cocktails here are meant for two people or four people, and as in any good tropical drink, rum is the base. Once you polish off this big drink, you'll be putting on your best Jack Sparrow and intoxicatingly announce "why has the rum gone?"

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2. The Corner Office
It takes at least four people to guzzle down the punch bowl drinks at The Corner Office. With 10 to 12 drinks in every punch bowl, you're sure to get lit from the creative concoctions found in this massive bowl. The punch bowl menu changes every couple weeks but they're all sure to pack a "punch" so get ready for the hit.

3. Punch Bowl Social
With punch bowl in its name, Punch Bowl Social would be committing false advertising if it didn't provide punch bowls for its fine patrons. Sure you can get just a single glass of punch, but Punch Bowl Social didn't make this list for the best single glass of punch. Play with the big bowls with a punch bowl that serves up to eight people. Whether your poison is tequila, rum or bourbon, Punch Bowl Social's punches has the toxin you desire.

4. El Senor Sol
Get muy drunk with the muy grande margaritas at El Senor Sol. There may be nothing better in this world than tacos and a 60-ounce pitcher of margaritas. Well, some good friends to share that pitcher with is the queso that tops the taco to this Tequila-drunk time you'll have at this Mexican restaurant.

5. Howl at the Moon
Head to Howl at the Moon for the music but stay for the 86-ounce buckets of booze. Yes, it's actually a bucket. And yes, it is full of booze (and sugar). With a variety of bucket mixes, ranging from sangria to Long Island iced tea, you're sure to find something that the whole squad can agree on. The silly straws make things fun, even if you're too drunk to remember which one was yours.

Madison is a freelance writer living near Denver who is not ashamed to admit that she indulges in a good punch bowl cocktail every now and then. Follow her on Instagram @madidragna