Get wasted with your besties at these Miami bars

Miami is cocktail heaven.

It's the kind of heaven where any time is a good time for cocktails. Need a drink after work? Have a cocktail. Need a drink during work? Have a cocktail. Need a drink before, during, and after work? Have a cocktail.

Drinking cocktails are the locals way of cooling down on a hectic, tropical work day, and cocktails are taken up a notch when you get a group involved. So if you want to have the biggest, badest, booziest group cocktail in the Magic City, these are the places that will give you and your group needs—an escape from the daily grind of Miami.

Love Is Blind Food & Wine - Coral Gables

When you and your group get a few of their potent cocktails in your system, this place will indeed live up to its name. Love Is Blind Food & Wine is a great spot to have a boozy cocktail; and, who knows, maybe there may be a hookup between one of your group mates during this cocktail get-together.

The Mighty - Silver Bluff

Cocktails for $2? Make sure you sign your group up at The Mighty, a Silver Bluff bar that is famous for their $2 Cocktail punch specials. With cheap and great drinks, there will be no way in Miami's tropical-blazed you-know-what that you and your crew will be able to avoid getting boozed at The Mighty.

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Gramps - Wynwood

We're not going to sugarcoat it, the Wynwood Arts District is one of the up-and-coming areas to have a boozy cocktail in Miami, and this auspicious bar is leading the way in getting groups hammered. Gramps is one of the places to be to have a great time out with friends, with a ton of room for large groups to come and down as many cocktails as possible.

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Broken Shaker - Miami Beach

There aren't a lot of places on South Beach where the dress code is so relaxed as it is at the Broken Shaker. Here, you can get a group of friends together, claim a spot on their shaded patio, and drink and eat great at one of Miami Beach's most underrated spots to get boozed off cocktails.

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar - Miami Beach

To round out our tour of the best spots to have a boozy group cocktail in Miami, you can't leave out this epic place on South Beach. Not only does the Yardbird Southern Table & Bar have great southern comfort foods, but the cocktails are simply heaven, so fantastic that you can't possibly drink these bad boys alone. So make sure you get a group together and have the booziest time of your lives at the Yardbird.

Kareem Gantt is an award-winning, Florida-based writer who loves to get boozy with friends all across The Sunshine State. For more from this author, follow him on Twitter.