These are the most mouthwatering dips in Columbus, Ohio

You just arrived in Columbus, Ohio, and you only have a few days to spend in the city. So you decide to take advantage of your limited time in the best way possible: By eating. You could fill up your entire stomach with one entrée and call it a night, but what's the fun in that? No, you came to Columbus for adventure and so did your tastebuds. How would you feel if I told you that instead of stuffing yourself with just one meal, you could try five mouthwatering appetizer dips of all types and tastes. Doesn't that sound scrumptious?

If you think it does, then prepare to go on the virtual tour of your life. Here's the five absolute must go to places to get the the tastiest, savoriest dips in Columbus.

El Vaquero

With multiple Columbus-area locations, you'll never be far from an El Vaquero restaurant. That also means that you'll never be far from their locally famous spinach and cheese dip. A traditional spinach dip with a bit of a Mexican twist, the dish is served with green onions and fresh tomatoes. Be sure to bring along a few friends before you dive head-first into this bowl of cheesy goodness. The portion size is immense, and you don't want to make yourself full before you even reach dip number two.

Club 185

This little hot spot in the popular German Village neighborhood also totes a spinach dip on the menu. But when your tour brings you in the doors of Club 185, you'll want to order a completely different dish: The black bean-jalapeño dip. Now calm down all of you spicy-food haters. This dish carries all of the flavor but none of the heat. Crafted out of a mixture of black and refried beans, cheddar-jack cheese, and jalapeños, the dish comes served with tortillas and corn chips for your dipping pleasure.

Northstar Café

So far you've tasted two delicious hot dips on your trip around Columbus. Now you want to make a complete 180 and try something on the flip side of the pillow. Well, if you're looking for a cool, refreshing dip, then look no further than Northstar Café. A local chain, there are multiple locations throughout Columbus. Which means there are also multiple places where you can sit down and enjoy the best pimento cheese dip of your life. Want to up your dipping game? You can get the pimento cheese dip and Northstar's made to order guacamole on a combo plate that is perfect for sharing with friends. Not that you'll want to share, but you have two more dips to go so there's no time to be selfish.

Bakersfield Short North

This always-hopping Mexican eatery is sure to win your heart with its selection of over 100 tequilas and American whiskeys. But you'll want to marry Bakersfield Short North once you get a taste of its queso dip. This mouthwatering dish can also be customized to your liking. You can add black beans, chorizo, and even spicy jalapeños to the queso to make a one-of-a-kind appetizer. This dish is served with light, crispy chips so you'll still have room for the final dip on your tour.

Hubbard Grille

You've made it. Your trip to find dips around Columbus has finally brought you here, to the Hubbard Grille. What better way to conclude your little tour than an indulgence in its famous artichoke dip? Just reading the description of the dish is enough to make your mouth water. Are you ready for this? Here's everything this iconic Columbus dish contains: roasted artichokes, arugula, a hint of lemon, and parmesan, gruyere, and cheddar cheeses. This dip is so thick and decadent that normal chips won't stand up to it. Instead, it comes served with a side of crostini bread for you to savor. You may want to abandon your friends once you get there, because you'll want the entire dip all to yourself.

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