Sleeping is overrated: 5 coffee shops to keep you awake In Baltimore

If you are anything like me, then you can probably agree that sleeping is overrated. I would much rather spend my days exploring the city than sleeping in, and spend my nights hitting the bars than crashing at 9. Unfortunately, I am not super human (shhh don't tell anyone) which means I spend A LOT of time at coffee shops. Here are five in Baltimore to help fuel your anti-sleep schedule:

1. Artifact
This one is a Baltimore staple, and was the first coffee shop that I went to when I moved to this city. Artifact is owned by James Beard Award winner, Spike Gjerde, which means they serve great coffee and even better food. Artifact is one of those spots that is hard to walk into without buying some sort of snack or bite to eat. There is also outdoor seating, which is great for warm summer days. Most importantly, there is plenty of parking nearby, and anyone who lives in a driving city knows that is a perk that earns a locale major points.

2. Bird in Hand
Located near the Johns Hopkins campus, this joint doubles as a coffee shop and bookstore. This is a great place to go to alone for some quiet time. Try some of their homemade pastries and cozy up in the back with a book. PS-Bird in Hand is also owned by Gjerde, so again, expect to eat here.

3. Ceremony
the first thing that you will think when you walk into Ceremony is " wow this place is pretentious". Then you will get your cup of coffee, and if you are smart, their avocado toast (because it is on point), and you will think "damn, this coffee is so good that they've earned the right to look down on all of us plebian coffee drinkers." Yes, when I go to Ceremony, I may be self conscious because I can only pronounce about five words on the menu and don't know what to do with the seltzer water they serve you with your espresso (Google told me it is there to cleanse my palate) but this is still my favorite coffee shop in Baltimore. The food is amazing and the coffee is even better. The sleek environment stands out compared to the others and makes Ceremony a great place to get work done. Plus, if you ask, they can explain what everything on the menu is.

4. Pitango Gelato
So this is technically an ice cream spot, but they also serve great coffee. Right in Fells, Pitango is the spot to drop by when you are day drinking on a warm summer afternoon and get the drunchies. Try their Affogato when you decide you are hungry but want a burst of caffeine to keep you going through the night.

5. The Bun Shop
This cozy coffee shop feels like you are hanging out in your best friend's living room. With large community tables and big couches, it is a popular work spot because there is plenty of space to spread out. They serve super sweet Vietnamese coffee (which really tastes more like candy) and offer a great selection of bun inspired pastries. I may or may not have ordered 2 in one day...whoops. When you are done hanging out at the bun shop, walk around the neighborhood. There are some cool shops and trendy bars, making it the perfect spot to grab a late afternoon cup.

Honorable mention: Sweet 27
This one isn't technically isn't a coffee shop, and if it wasn't in my neighborhood I wouldn't even think to drop by for coffee, but if you are in a hurry and looking for the best bang for your buck, drop by Sweet 27 in Remington. For only a $1.85 you can get a cheap but really tasty cup of coffee. Plus, if you are lucky, there is a good chance you will run into me grabbing a cup to go.

Lauren Murray was not born but was raised in Maryland. She has been living in Baltimore for almost a year. She loves exploring the city and checking out all of the great places to eat and drink.