Get buzzed off just one of these four hoppy Austin beers

Austin has bottomless mimosas, egg bennys + avocado toast. We've got kale salad, Soul Cycle and seas of fit people donned in Lululemon, no matter the time of day. We can out-hipster + out-basic you on any day of the week.

But if you find yourself in the Capital of Texas and are on a search for more than just that perfect patio to Instagram, may I suggest committing carbicide and drinking A BEER.

You see everything is bigger in Texas, and even though Austin may be that blue island on the Electoral College map, our beers pack a punch as big as the sea of red around us. Big taste, big hops and BIG ABVs.

So if you want to experience a beer that will not only fill your tastebuds with all of the hoppy vibes AND get a little tipsy while you do it, check out these four easy-to-find craft brews around town. Have too many and you may have a slur as thick as fleas on a farm dog, and feeling about as serious as the business end of a .45 the next morning. Welcome to Texas.

1. Fire Eagle IPA by Austin Beer Works

ABV: 6.20%

Confirmed: Fire Eagle still tastes great above 7000ft. #anyonegoingtoeverest? #marystinks

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We'll start you off slowly with the Fire Eagle IPA by Austin Beer Works. At first sip, you will be hit with those Texas-sized hops, but a fruity, grapefruit-like undertone keeps this beer fairly chill. It's also easy to find this beer at a lot of bars + grocery stores in town, so it's a good staple when you need your IPA to go.

2. Green Room IPA by Uncle Billy's Brew + Que
ABV: 6.00%

Let's move up to some big dogs now. The Green Room IPA has a nice and bright pour that will take you into a citrus-y yet earthy wonderland. The best part of the Green Room IPA is that it pairs well with the brisket, jalapeño sausage and queso you can enjoy at UB's amazing patio on the iconic Barton Springs Road. Even if you're traveling with a non-hoppy squad, this micro brewery has some of the most underrated beers in town. You can also pick up Green Room in a can if you're hitting the pool.

3. Stash IPA by Independence Brewing
ABV: 7.0%

Aww yeah, we getting turnt now. There's a lot happening with this beer. It's the perfect mix of herbal + botanic flavors that balance nicely with the kind of hops that will either have you pledging allegiance to the Lone Star State or fleeing back to the midwest land of lagers. This beer is also pretty easy find around town. You can often catch it at Texas-beer-mecca Craft Pride on Rainey Street.

4. 512 IPA by 512 Brewing Company
ABV: 7.2%

Sometimes quality control needs to happen first thing in the morning, right? #512 #austinbeer

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In my personal opinion, I've saved the best for last. This is one of the OGs of Austin's craft beer scene. The hops in this brew are not for the faint of heart. Take a sip of the 512 IPA and you will be hit with a delicious bitter taste, followed by notes of floral + pine that are balanced out with an ever-so-sweet finish. I promise you just one of these honey-looking beverages and you will be as buzzed as your crew on those bottomless mimosas.

Happy drinking + may your hangovers be slight.

Anne Szilagyi is a native Austinite + recovering journalist. When she's not traveling the world living that work from home life, you can catch her on the Austin hike-and-bike trail or enjoying the finest craft brews Texas has to offer at the Whole Foods bar.