5 must-try treats at Detroit's quirkiest chocolate shop

Have you ever read a wine review? A curlicued stream of impossibly specific flavors and aromas (pencil shavings, anyone?) shaming you into wondering what you've even been doing with your palate your whole life. "Ah, yes! I can taste the 'spicy earth'," one exclaims, all the while envisioning licking Sriracha up off the dirt... erm, terroir.

Well, there is a place in Detroit that promises to make these flavor bombs a reality for us common folk. Bon Bon Bon - chocolate shop of dreams - where local ingredients, top-notch confiseur-ing, and pure poetic genius collide. Yes, this chocolate is poetry. Offering up fun-size morsels of pure delight, Bon Bon Bon specializes in the types of bizarre flavor combos that would make Robert Parker's head spin. While the menu does trail off into infinite chocolately bliss, here are five must-haves for every type of chocolate lover.

For the refined
Try the High Tea, an Earl Grey tea-infused dark chocolate ganache with hemp nougatine, cornflower petals and smoked sugar. And I'll take one for the Queen, if you please.

For the daring
There is no shortage of insane flavor combos, but you can't go wrong with the Goat Honey: honey caramel, goat cheese ganache, oregano and red pepper flakes.

For the chocolate purist
The Cocoa-Cacao is a bona fide chocolate inception, with candied cocoa nibs surrounded by cocoa fruit syrup encased in dark chocolate ganache. Pinch me.

For the bacon freaks
The Bacon & Eggs delivers with Italian meringue, custard ganache and shaved coppa.

For the health conscious
The Rationale will make all your crunchy dreams come true with maple almond-oat butter and chia seeds.

Foodies of both the timid and daredevil varieties will find a home in this dynamic shop where the menu constantly shifts to accommodate the freshness of locally sourced ingredients as well as the uninhibited creative license of the artisans behind the counter.

Started in Hamtramck, Bon Bon Bon's sister branch is conveniently located a block west of the southeast corner of Campus Martius - well within walking distance of some of Detroit's best hotspots, hotels, historic buildings, restaurants and the sparkling riverfront.

Share a box with your sweetheart, or do as I did and shamelessly wolf down handfuls in between high stakes sales calls. Fact: chocolate reduces stress, and Bon Bon Bon serves up a damn good cure.

Carolyn is a modern day nomad bringing her love of writing, food and adventure to her newly adopted hometown, Detroit.